4 steps to follow to become a true center pro

4 steps to follow to become a true center pro

Let’s start this section by breaking down the misconception: the more contacts I have in the center, the more business opportunities I get. If you have 10,000 contacts, you will be asked for more than 100 for your services. In theory. But in practice, this is not entirely true. If you add these 10,000 contacts automatically, without a goal or strategy, it’s like throwing a bottle into the sea. Conversely, if your 100 contacts are highly qualified, they will bring you business.

It is better to have the trust of 100 well-targeted people than to know 10,000 people who do not have good relationships or opportunities with you. This is what the famous American writer Kevin Kelly argues. [fondateur du magazine Wired] In an article entitled 1,000 real fans. According to him, an independent designer only needs 1,000 real fans to survive from his operation. In this context, a fan refers to a great customer who is willing to buy all your products. If each fan buys for 100 euros a year, the intermediaries are reduced to a maximum (which means lower costs), enough to live off your operation. […] Good thing you have the opportunity to access these 1,000 people on LinkedIn.

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Do not underestimate the strength of a tribe

Although the center is a professional platform, it does not deviate from its social side. So be interested in gathering your audience around the three strong pillars.

  1. Share interest with those who have invested in a subject. For example provocative writing, photography, video or graphics.
  2. Share only one enemy (not necessarily one person, but one strong idea). For example, some have won over the idea of ​​human marketing, while others actively support automation.
  3. Share the same values ​​and strong vision. Your uniqueness is a competitive advantage, and if your actions and thoughts are aligned, you will more easily unite the people around your values. By sharing a divisive opinion, you can impress or drive away some people.

When these three pillars come together, we are talking about a tribe, that is, a group that is closely aligned with common values. Here now, in four steps, how to build your tribe.

Step 1: Unite your tribe around your values

In order to be known and recognized for your expertise on the Center, you need to share as much common ground as possible with your ideal customer. To get there, two actions are required: 1. Send invitations to level 2 people (people you know directly); 2. Receive calls from people in levels 2 and 3 (those you do not know directly).

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Start by inviting future members of your tribe. The most common mistake is to invite as many strangers as possible to overcome the psychological barrier of 500 contacts. Trust me, no secret features are unlocked in this place! Sure, it gives your profile a little more credibility in the eyes of visitors, but wanting to achieve this status at all costs can have the opposite effect. I didn’t throw the stone because I did just that when I started, and it didn’t have any impact on my business. It is a good idea to take the time to call people who are clearly identified by following this process:

Use the filters provided by Link Center to find people who match your search criteria;
Find something in common by analyzing their profile. Find out if they share any of the three pillars of your tribe;
Mind Comment creatively on their latest posts to mark your presence in their minds;
Send Personalized personalized calls;
Open the question and continue the discussion by asking, getting to know them and getting to know them.

Either way, build a strong bond for a long time and avoid falsely interested posts like this: “I saw your profile, I see that you are interested [votre domaine]. Exactly, I have an offer you want. ”

If your goal is to be very relevant and build lasting relationships, you will not be twice as likely to create a great first look. It means taking care of the meaning and form of your message: sober, airy, concise and above all understandable.

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Step 2: Make a strong connection under consideration

Bill Gates wrote an article in 1996 Content is king. Posting concise, effective, motivating and educational content positiones you as a quality contributor to the Center view. But that is not the only way to gain visibility and be noticed. Today, ideas are king on social networks. You will strengthen your reputation by commenting constructively on the posts of your mentors, colleagues and excellent clients. It’s nice to exchange a little, but in an over-creative way. For example: Do not be satisfied with “good, inspiring post”, but argue by bringing your expertise in a matter. This is what I try to do on LinkedIn even if it does not stop me from congratulating or encouraging someone.

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Step 3: Strengthen the link with personal message

Your public communication does not work. Strengthening your relationships with your community is often behind the scenes. Sometimes you will provide answers to the questions asked, other times you will get constructive feedback on your process. This is an opportunity to dig deeper to better understand the needs, fears and desires of your loyal readers, audience and / or listeners. This will help deliver the content they really want to consume. Among them, some are true ambassadors of your values. They understand your mission and arbitrarily promote your brand.

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For example, Joe Gord is known as the greatest car dealer of all time Guinness Book of Records. In fifteen years (1963-1978), Chevrolet sold 13,001 cars a day in Detroit, USA, or about 4. Its secret lies in three words: “I love you” (“I love you, I think of you”). Each month, Joe sent out a greeting card signed with his name on it. By the end of his career, with the help of two assistants he was mailing 13,000 cards a month!

So imagine that you are Joe’s customer. The service is easy to run and every month, you get a personalized card without any advertising. Who do you think of when buying a new car? Ten years later, his regular clients lined up to make an appointment with him.

What you need to remember here is that you should regularly check your relationship with the best members of your community through personal message.

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Step 4: Cross the screen

Communities are often organized online, but the line between virtual and real is fine. When you have formed a bond with many people in the center (mentors, colleagues, influencers or in the future) why not meet them over coffee or lunch to anchor your fairness and your credibility? For long distances, a simple phone call or video call will suffice to find out more deeply the person behind their center profile.

Bring value to your audience

The good news: 99% of users do not create center content. This 1% rule, commonly known as the 90/9/1 policy, explains the truth: 1% of users create content and are very active; 9% reacts mainly to content; 90% of the content will be consuming content (quiet majority).

Your goal should be to be a part of that 1%. To achieve this, there is nothing too complicated: “You have to add value.” It doesn’t tell you how, does it? How many times have I imagined this situation and read this sentence on social media:

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Jennifer – Quentin Tell me, how can I stand alone on LinkedIn as a photographer?
Quentin – You need to bring value to your audience.
Jennifer – Ah! D’Acourt.

In fact, poor Jennifer understands nothing, and no one can blame Quentoline. “Bringing value” is a concept. Value is a concept: only your readers will determine the quality of your content. It is good to talk about perceived value. Conversely, if Quentin responds: “Ask Jennifer, can you share your best advice on street photography or tell us about your last photo shoot on the streets of Nantes”, which would be very convincing for Jennifer. Also, in this way, Jennifer will give her reader what she is really looking for: advice, tips, but fun or thought-provoking content.

Three methods to strengthen the perceived value

1. Crisp content. Your target audience comes to LinkedIn looking for concrete, practical and educational content to solve a problem or break the block. In this case, you can provide matching tips or tricks right now. This is the content that people want on social media.

2. Pleasant content. Most of them are waiting for practical advice, but some should be entertaining. Entertainment is not about mud jokes. A person can be entertained by reading a message, by feeling emotional through a professional or personal story, or by learning something while having fun. Humans also love behind the scenes. We have nothing we want to go behind the scenes of a company.

3. Polarizing content. It is wrong not to want to please everyone. Instead of protecting your values ​​and your business vision, you try to soften your words so that your message is as popular as possible. It’s good to stand up for unpopular reality so that your message resonates with your audience.


Christoph Pitton is a content creation coach at LinkedIn.
Following that, 24,000 people registered on LinkedIn The center won (Eyrolles), in which he explains how to create an effective strategy in the professional social network. Its pages generate millions of views every month.

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