Working Conditions for Private Rental and Distribution Drivers: Europe Begins Extensive Consultation

Working Conditions for Private Rental and Distribution Drivers: Europe Begins Extensive Consultation

Towards the framework for Uber type sites in Europe? The European Commission begins a consultation with players in the field on Wednesday, February 24th. It aims to improve the working conditions of VTC drivers and other delivery men working in these companies.

The consultation will last until March 3 and aims to gather feedback from the workers of these sites and their employers. If the European Commission deems it necessary, a European law will be introduced at the end of the year to better control what is known as the “kick economy” (“economy of small jobs”).

Uber, the largest site targeted by this potential future speech, has already begun its campaign with the EU. Her aim is to prevent this European order from occurring, in line with the recent decision of the British Supreme Court. On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that Uber drivers should be treated as salaried workers rather than self-employed. For example, they are entitled to the minimum wage and paid leave that threatens the economic model of the American giant and other digital platforms (Delivery, Just Eat, Lift …).

Uber is urging the EU to adopt another model mentioned in a poll in California last November, improving the safety of workers without reconsidering them as employees. In the “Sun Belt” state, 58% of San Francisco voters voted in favor of its “Proposal 22”, which maintains an independent status for VTC drivers while allowing them to benefit from compensation (minimum income guarantee, funding for assisted health care, etc.).

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Workers strike again

“We believe a new approach is possible where access to security and benefits will not come at the expense of creating flexibility and employment,” wrote Tara CEO of the US company. Kosroshahi A blog post Released on February 15, it presented the White Paper submitted to EU representatives as “a better deal” (“a better deal”).

This model, promoted by Uber, is not liked by many companies representing stage workers. With about 16 countries (France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Argentina, Spain, Brazil …) centered around thirty unions and unions are organizing a great day of international action this Wednesday. Europe. “Uber, Delivery, Glovo, Amazon, Robbie and Pedidos Ya are trying to maintain us as ‘partners’, fake without rights”, they denounce, claiming the status of employees. In Paris, a rally is scheduled for 11 a.m. in front of the European Commission delegation in France.

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