Blurred underwear will change owners again

Blurred underwear will change owners again

Acquired from its founder in 1973 by the Big Group, the popular French brand later changed hands a lot.

One of the most popular French brands will change hands. Its owner, American textile group Haynes, announced its presence on Tuesday“Projects aimed at exploring strategic alternatives to its underwear operations in Europe”. The Tim unions have acquired sales of Haynes Europe, which includes the brands Tim in France and Nour Die / Nour Der in Germany.

The Sun is the masterpiece of its commercials «பா லா பா பா பா…. Its name was coined in 1964 by the publisher Marcel Blustein-Blanchett, the founder of Publis, with the abbreviation of its primary product, “Boss Dimanche”.

French underwear

Founded by Bernard Giberstein in 1953, the company has a strong tradition of marketing innovations: the first seamless nylon stockings in 1956, the line of men’s underwear in the 1960s, and the 1987 line of men’s underwear, then Diamond Tights, the company’s first brand in French Says. It has a factory in Autonomous (Burgundy) where 650 people are still employed, although it is also manufactured overseas. In total, Haynes’ European operations employ about 2,500 people, including 1,200 in France.

Acquired by the Big Group in 1973 from its founders, Tim later owned a continuum of American owners: the joint venture Sarah Lee (1988-2005), Sun Capital Partners Fund (2005-2014), and then Haynes. So the unionists in the company are not too worried about the next change …

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