French companies continue to invest, NATO chooses Toulouse, NASA relies on Airbus to return to the moon … 7 good news to start the week

French companies continue to invest, NATO chooses Toulouse, NASA relies on Airbus to return to the moon ... 7 good news to start the week

Despite the crisis, the investment of French companies has been good

Business investment in 2020 was better than expected. By 2021, manufacturers expect a 10% improvement in their investments.

NATO selects Toulouse for its space center

Toulouse (Hot-Coron) will provide the future space center of the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). New property for the space center located in the metropolis.

What is this European technology that NASA is counting back to the moon?

On behalf of NASA, the European Space Agency has ordered three large pieces of equipment from Airbus to complete the American Orion spacecraft. This service module ensures the mobility of the ship and provides all the components necessary for the survival of the crew such as water, oxygen and electricity.

4 1.4 billion will be invested in the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris

The ports of Sean, Le Havre, Rouen and the Paris Axis will receive நி 1.4 billion in funding from public funds (state, communities) and shares of the three ports. By June 1, 2021, the three port facilities will be merged into a single port facility, named Haropa.

Arc International Arc will employ 225 people on permanent contracts

Based on the industrial glass maker Arc International Arcs (Pass-de-Kalois). The 225 industrial operators dedicated to packaging will be included in permanent contracts by the end of March.

Hydra Beauty & Clean relocates a cotton product to Mush

Hydra Beauty & Clean, which specializes in cotton-based hygiene and beauty products, will once again produce cotton on its Mooch (Hot-Rin) site, a product made in Poland. A new tax site will be set up to invest around மில்லியன் 5 million.

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A 4.0 plant for aeronautical subcontractor Chhattisgarh in Marignon

The Toulouse-based Sadis team, which specializes in painting and surface treatment for aeronautics, will build a new unit (Poochs-to-Ron) in Marignen for 15 million euros. He must first acquire the BMA company in Marseille (Poochs-to-Ron).

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