A $ 2.6 M Bill F.-A.-Gauthier | Adds Tragedy’s Message | The sun

A $ 2.6 M Bill F.-A.-Gauthier |  Adds Tragedy's Message |  The sun

D.First, in mid-January, the help of a tug F.-A.-Gauthier Its dry dock, from the port of Trois-Rivers to the Davy shipyard, is 4 41,400. The agreement was signed with Ocean Navigation de Quebec.

The invoice for dry dock work with the Lewis shipbuilding is 8 1.8 million. “On November 19, 2020, an oil spill was reported NM F.-A.-Gauthier As a result of preventing the resumption of service on the Madonna-Boy-Gomaw-Godfoot boat with this ship, can we read the contract? Investigations determined that a gasket from an impeller was evidence of an oil leak. In December 2020, after reviewing the situation with the original equipment manufacturer, it was necessary to carry out work on the dry dock to replace the seal. In order to ensure the safety of the ship’s propulsion system, an emergency contract had to be concluded to carry out the necessary work on the dry dock. “The works should be completed before the end of the month.

The state-owned company has signed a $ 43,725 contract with Albion Marine Solutions, an American company based in Delta, Colorado, to oversee the replacement of the gasket on its primary triggers. In the “Contractor Type” section, the document states that Albion Marine Solutions is a “supplier, contractor or service provider” and not an institution operating in Quebec on a permanent basis.

Finally, a final contract was approved with St. John’s Newfoundland Company, Canship and Marine LP. NM North Ranger, Its function is to find and find a path in the snow NM Sarema I, It changes F.-A.-Gauthier. “This ship though [le Saaremaa] Must be certified to go on ice, the specific conditions on the matane (basin and ice roller) and the configuration of the vessel indicate that there is a risk to the safety of the ice vessel, which justifies the STQ in the document filed SEAO Therefore, an emergency contract had to be concluded for the services of a snowman to assist N.M.Sarema I. In its functions. “

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