Various names Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Yoon Yu-Jung

L'affiche du film «Minari». (Photo fournie par Pan Cinema. Revente et archivage interdits)

Seoul, Jan.31.

In an article with its constantly updated predictions about the results of the Oscars 2021, Variety wrote that Yoon Yoo-jung, who plays the adorable grandmother in “Minari”, dominates the awards ceremony. “

Yoon has won a total of 20 awards so far, including the most recent from the National Review Board (NPR).

Variety added, “If she wins this award, she will be the second Asian actress to win the Best Supporting Actress award after Japanese actress Miyoshi Umeki from ‘Sayonara’ in 1957.

If she was one of the Oscar winners, Umeki would be the fourth Asian actress to make her name after Rhino Kikuchi in “House of Sand and Fog” (2003)’s Shohre Aktashlu and “Babel” (2007).

In addition to the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in its predictions, Variety tops the list of “Minari” for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

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