Reality TV’s Netflix Hue is coming to France

Reality TV's Netflix Hue is coming to France

If you want to follow the tragedies of the Kardashian family daily, this new site should be of interest to you. When proving creative From its French site, Hugh will soon be launching in France with a new list: all major American reality TV shows available there. On the menu, a star show: All seasons to keep up with the Kardashians (the incredible Kardashians family). Currently airing on E !, MTV or NRJ12, the program is not fully available. Netflix only offers 4 seasons and Amazon Prime Video 8 only. Therefore, the Hugh platform alone will offer fans 19 seasons to recapture the rise of the Kardashian clan. For fans, the 20 and final season currently being filmed will be visible on the same day as its release in the US.

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But that’s not all: on his French site, Hugh says several hundred reality shows will be available in France soon. For example, you can follow the plight of “real housewives,” these wealthy housewives from Miami, New York, or Beverly Hills.

No known release date

“From the best home decor and real estate shows to the work stories of the Tech and Wonderpump rules like the million dollar list,” many entertainment shows refer to Huawei’s site. The SVOD service is already rolling out in Europe, launching in the United Kingdom in 2016, a few Nordic countries in 2017, Belgium in 2018, and finally Austria and Germany last year. To buy this unlimited list, like our neighbors across the Rhine, costs 99 4.99 per month.

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The only downside: the site release date is unknown. “Hay is fast approaching,” a London spokesman for Huawei’s parent company, NBC Universal, told the Capital without giving further details. So fans of reality TV made in the US have to be patient.

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