Understand Everything - MMA and UFC, Presentation of a Success Event in France and Around the World

Understand Everything – MMA and UFC, Presentation of a Success Event in France and Around the World

The acronym MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts or Mixed Martial Arts in French. So this exercise involves the integration, submission and submission of project techniques to many martial arts such as English Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick-Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Judo and Cropping. Similar to the freedom struggle at its inception, it was very popular, especially in Brazil, which was modernized in a brutal form in the United States in the 1980s, where everything was (almost) allowed. Since then, many rules have shaped conflicts. A fight is when two enemies oppose each other at an angle. The material element participates in the myth of morality. Therefore, this cage on eight sides is raised 1.20 meters from the ground and covered with a 1.76 meter mesh to prevent the fighters from falling. However, it does take a strategic aspect for those who do not have the right to attack or defend themselves.

  • What is the difference between MMA and UFC?

MMA is a game, UFC is one of the many companies in this game, especially the most powerful. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the best MMA Championship in the world that brings together the best fighters. Founded in 1993, it was acquired in 2016 by WME-IMG, a powerful US subsidiary specializing in consulting for sports, entertainment, athletes and Hollywood stars, for $ 4 billion.

There are other organizations like Platter or Brave based in the United States. In Europe, KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) is very popular in Eastern Europe. Other European leagues include ARES or Cage Warriors, which are considered the UFC’s chamber of defense.

  • What are the rules?

“Classic” or preliminary fights are arranged in three rounds in five minutes. They increase to five rounds per five minutes when playing a belt or during major events. The “main event” is the main fight – poster – of each UFC event.

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A fighter is declared the winner before the end of a fight according to several circumstances: submission, KO, determined by the technical KO arbitrator, physician or a militant group and disqualification. If the fight ends, the winner will be announced by the decision of three judges according to the marks they awarded during the fight. Can be a tie. The scoring system is the same as in boxing (10 points for a round winner, less for a loser).

  • Are all wins allowed?

Contrary to myth, not everything can be allowed in MMA. UFC, therefore, the best league in the world, sets the most stringent rules, which can lead the referee to withdraw points from offenders. Kicking to the face and knees on a fighter on the ground like fingers in the butt or eye area of ​​the head is prohibited. Biting and pulling hair is forbidden, as is hitting the genitals. There are more than thirty obstacles.

  • Who are the stars of morality?

During UFC 257, UFC’s return to the RMC Sport will begin in earnest from Saturday to Sunday (4 am), the most anticipated battle between the Irishman Conor McGregor and the American Dustin Fourier. The first nominee has established himself as the organization’s superstar since his debut in 2013 (7 wins in his first seven fights). At age 32, he returned to prison six months after announcing his retirement, a year after winning his last fight against American Donald Seron. His confrontation with the Boreas sparked much excitement with a technical knockout in November 2014, more than six years after his apparent victory at 1’46 ‘.

The first fighter to win the championship in two weight categories (feathers and light), “The Notorious” has become a legend of the game with his brutal victories (22 wins, 4 defeats) and his celebrations have given him many tattoos and beards. He is also highly controversial for the many survivors who escaped from the cage, such as when he attacked a militant bus. A master of the art of provocation, he tried his hand at boxing in one of the most lucrative battles in history, losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. again in the cage, until he announced his retirement last October, after losing 29 games to another legend of the lightweight game, the Russian comedy. 2018. He still tops the pound rankings for the pound, meaning all weight categories are included.

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He is ahead of another star, American light-heavyweight champion John Jones. In the legends of the game, we should mention Canadian Georges Saint-Pierre, Brazilian Anderson Silva or American retired American Daniel Gormier.

  • Who is the best French?

Cyril Kane is the French head of the UFC. A heavyweight fighter, he has four wins in multiple fights in the organization, including Brazilian junior Dos Santos, the most recent in the former world champion division. One more step in his search for the title. Morgan Charrier recently won the featherweight belt at the Cage Warriors. On the women’s side, Manon Pierrot made her big debut at the UFC, beating American Victoria Leonardo in a technical knockout on Wednesday.

  • Why morality succeeds in France and around the world

This discipline, which has long been banned in France, was officially recognized by the government and placed under the French Boxing Federation in February 2020. The MMA premiered to the French public during the exhibition last October in Vitri-sur-Sein. His visit to France responds to the greatest expectation of a discipline with international enthusiasm. His success is beyond the borders of Brazil, the United States or Russia, the countries he is most famous for.

Beyond the most exciting aspect of the fights, its success is due in particular to UFC’s powerful marketing. The organization brings together the Creme de la Creme of fighters (over 500) and predicts conflicts between the best, where many of boxing and its allies are struggling to make a name for themselves with big names or calendar stories that, like the Fury-Joshua shock, have not yet stopped. UFC’s Digital Strike Force is marked by a series that attracts young people and popular generation music in spectacular, fun and high quality formats for each event. The best side of the game with this misleading image is that “all scenes are allowed” adds drama.

  • Where to see UFC in France?

In the RMC game! Since Wednesday, the fights have been back on our channels. This partnership enables the French audience to re-enact exclusively all major battles (including foreign ports and territories and Monaco) in Andorra, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Mauritius. The early stages of the tournament will also be televised when a French athlete competes.

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