Press Stories: WWE SmackDown Results – Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, and Highlights from Sept. 15

Title: Finn Balor’s Recruitment Attempt and Escobar’s Challenge Steal the Spotlight on Judgment Day

In an unexpected turn of events, Finn Balor made a surprising move by attempting to recruit Jimmy Uso into joining The Judgment Day. The backstage drama unfolded as Balor, a prominent member of the faction, hoped to strengthen their ranks. Will Uso cave in to Balor’s persuasive tactics?

Meanwhile, the LWO (Lucha World Order) members, including Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde, took center stage in a thrilling promo inside the ring. The LWO’s charismatic presence electrified the audience as they outlined their ambitions and plans for dominance.

Fan-favorite Santos Escobar sent shockwaves through the arena by issuing a direct challenge to Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship. The magnitude of this challenge left fans wondering if Mysterio’s reign is at risk of coming to an abrupt end.

However, before Escobar and Mysterio could further ignite their rivalry, their intense moment was interrupted. Bobby Lashley, the reigning WWE Champion, along with The Street Profits, stormed the ring, triggering a sudden tag team match. The explosive showdown showcased the raw talent and power of both teams.

To the sheer disappointment of Del Toro and Wilde, The Street Profits emerged victorious in a lightning-fast match. This outcome solidified their status as the dominant heel team. With each successive defeat, Del Toro and Wilde’s credibility continues to wane, raising concerns among their loyal fans.

As anticipation builds for the Mysterio vs. Escobar clash, fans are eagerly expecting an exciting match with high-flying maneuvers and gripping storytelling. While Mysterio has proven time and again that he can overcome any challenge, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lashley ended up toppling him for the United States Championship.

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In light of their performance, The Street Profits attained a grade of C+ for their recent showing. Despite claiming victory over Del Toro and Wilde, the jury remains out regarding their overall prowess and capacity to thrive as a tag team.

With all the thrilling developments on Judgment Day, these events are sure to leave fans on the edge of their seats. The growing tension between factions and the captivating matches ensure that the wrestling world is in for an unforgettable showdown. Stay tuned for more updates on Press Stories as the action unfolds in the coming weeks.

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