Fuell Flluid_2, a scooter that turns into an electric bike

Fuell Flluid_2, a scooter that turns into an electric bike

Born in 2019 through a partnership between French investors and the American company Blue Eric Powell, A pioneer in racing motorcycle technologies, specializes in the design of 100% electric bikes and motorcycles. Despite his young age and health crisis, he already has two references on his list: the electric bicycle and the motorcycle. Fuel Fluid 1 electric bike Already available in France About 4000 euros.

For this price, the engine has a 250 watt electric motor and two removable 1080 Wh batteries. A configuration This ensures autonomy up to 200 km As well as a maximum torque of 100 Nm. Fluid 1 is distinguished by its beauty Aluminum alloy frame It includes 27-inch edges. Admittedly, this model is already very interesting, but with the Fuel Fluid 2, the company wants to make further progress.

A modular two-wheeler

At this time, we do not have enough information about this new reference in the Fuel product. What we do know is that Fuel Fluid 2 has been in development for six months. Our colleagues from Moto.it Still managed to get their hands on it Renderings extracted from the patent.

When examined with the pictures and descriptions that come with them, the Fuel Fluid 2 will have a modular frame. Suitable for different types of batteries. The user can quickly switch between electric bike and electric scooter modes. For this last environment of use, it is enough to remove the pedals and place two small steps.

What is Homologation?

As mentioned above, we do not know much about this New modular two-wheeler Issued by Fuel. We do not know its technical configuration, let alone its price and release date.

However, the concept implemented by the company deserves some thought. One wonders if Fuel Fluid 2 is unlikely to have its approval in Europe. In fact, European law regarding electric two-wheelers is stricter than other countries, especially the United States. We hope that Fool has already planned everything so that these details do not hinder the start of its production.

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