Weather. The snow and ice caused many recessions in Vosges

Weather.  The snow and ice caused many recessions in Vosges

19 h 45.– Traffic will be light in the evening at Voss

If the morning checkpoints on the Vosjas roads were cleared, traffic would not be less. For example, a traffic jam formed at the end of the day on RN57 in the direction of Le Val-di Azol / Vesoulin.

Roads of the French-Comde This Tuesday evening was especially difficult, Snowfall has intensified.

Traffic conditions are difficult in most parts of the departmental road network, especially on passes where heavy goods vehicles are inconvenienced due to snow and ice.

Snow removal and salt interventions are ongoing throughout the Department (except for the New Chatto Department where interventions are completed). Note the restriction on heavy vehicles over 3.5T on the Alsatian side of the Bonhome and Sluice Passes.

17 h .- Traffic improves on Vosges

Traffic conditions in the Vosges sector have been improving since the afternoon. By 3.30pm, all checkpoints had been cleared.

However, traffic in the department is difficult, especially in the Cole to Hot-Jacks between Ebenezer and Saint-Dick.

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15 m 50.- Bus traffic is improving Epinephrine

The Image Bus Network, which intercepted all its lines this Tuesday morning, is gradually resuming service. The lines have reopened, but some stops have not been provided.

Users can obtain information by contacting or consulting 03 29 30 16 33 Page Facebook Networking.

14 m 30.- Murmur about the recession in snow removal

For many motorists That’s a hassle. It takes 15 minutes instead of 5 to create Vittal-Contraxeville. At 1:15 p.m., at a place called L’Ori du Boise in Whittle, many cars could not climb the hill near the racecourse because the road was slippery … not to mention a few cars in the ditch on the side of Pulnaville.

13 m 30.- As a result, the city’s school buses and Image Network’s are no longer running

Snow has been controlling the image bus network in Voss since Tuesday Interrupt all his lines this Tuesday morning. Until it is further announced. College and parents’ high school students have also been informed that school bus traffic has been suspended.

12 p.m.- Material accidents and heavy vehicles are immobile in the Vos

About twenty traffic accidents were reported Tuesday morning Across Vosges. The majority mean. On the other hand, many heavy vehicles had to be parked on the side of the road, especially at RN57 near Epinephrine, at the level of Calodin and Racimond. Obstacles were noted on RD 165 near Becknacourt.

9 a.m. 10.- Inal Final-Nancy print is still troublesome

Traffic accidents often occur on the N57 between Ebenezer and Nancy, in both directions of traffic.

Photo by V.M.

9am 05.- Closing A31 in Whittle

The A31 is currently closed at 9 exits to Vittal in both directions. Snow and sleet continue to cause many recessions, especially many heavy vehicle accidents. Avoid entering the A31 in this field and wait for the areas.

Be careful on the roads of the plains this Tuesday morning.

7 m 20.- Snow and rough traffic conditions in Voss

Heavy snowfall in the Vosges and Myrte-ed-Moselle, and half a dozen traffic accidents on the N57 between Ebenezer and Nancy, have been reported in both directions.

In Cinderella, an accident involving three vehicles slows down and reduces the number of lanes.

Be careful on the road.

January 11, 3 pm – You have to stick your nose out to be sure, winter is here. Mercury fell: It hit the Swiss border on Monday morning at -26, Mouth, Dubs, -26. Everywhere, in the Vosjas and Jura mountains, the summits are now covered with a beautiful snow for several days. This is only a beginning.

From Monday to Tuesday night, a new ice chapter will pass over Lorraine and the French-Comte. Before a shower in the afternoon, there will be snow on the plains, Meteo France announced. “In Nancy and the Mets, there may be a little mud or frost”, confirm the forecasters BFC Météo Facebook Page. “On the other hand, in Besanோon, we expect a few more centimeters, which will be even more durable.” 2 to 5 cm south of Lorraine, east of Moselle, and on the French-Comde.

Anyway, above 500 meters altitude, expect to see 15 to 40 centimeters of snow, all new. “So this is a big snowstorm for relief,” he confirms.

Warmer weather will occur in the afternoon, changing the snow in the rain plains. However, above 500 meters, there will be continuous snowfall until the evening.

With regard to mercury, it is necessary to calculate the obvious increase: the early morning temperature is actually a small amount in pesonone and pinin and up to 4 to positive in Mets.

In the afternoon, the temperature will rise to 5 to Nancy and Vertone and 2 only in Belfort.

Epimeris: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

12th day of the year

2nd week

The sun rises at 8:40 a.m. and sets at 5:17 p.m.

Duration of sunlight 08h37 (+2 min)

We celebrate: Tatiana and Caesar, Tania and Tadian

The day says: “Arcade and Hillary Freeze Rivers”.

Ice weather at Vosjas Ski Resorts: Snow depth and open slopes

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