Snowfall may occur in Quebec

Snowfall may occur in Quebec

Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 6:23 pm – After a very quiet start to winter, the trend is changing. An active weather boss will conveniently set up his surroundings very close to Quebec – however it will only collect very small piles.

The first full winter storm of 2021 left a good amount of rainfall, so a few areas doubled the snowfall in just 24 hours. This is especially true for the Caspian, which now has about thirty centimeters of snow on the ground. This scene is similar to Montreal, which is one of the only municipalities to violate seasonal regulations for snowfall – thanks to the same muscular system.

Snow in the ground province

Elsewhere, the snowfall will be thinner than usual. Rimowski, for example, has accumulated only 14 centimeters of snow since the onset of winter, while at this time of year they typically claim up to 50 centimeters.

After all, Quebec will have to patiently take its toll: according to current forecasts, the next blizzard is not coming anytime soon.

However, that doesn’t mean the province should say goodbye to the snow.

The jet stream will be positioned slightly south of Quebec over the next few days, along with the northeastern United States and New Brunswick. Conclusion: Low pressure systems will only graze the Belly Province. So the amount of snow collected will be very low, which assumes that the heart of the disturbances will be spoiled by some parts of Maine and the sea.

Employer systems

Nevertheless, the corridor of this recession rises slightly to the north, with low pressure systems further affecting Quebec.

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Anyway, Quebec will taste the extra scales next week.

The meeting of the two small low-pressure systems will reach the southwest of the province earlier this week. However, these will be smaller than we experienced on the weekend of January 16-17, and will only be left in small piles in the form of snow.


Another organization from western Canada, slightly larger at this time, enters the province overnight from Thursday to Friday. Some snowfall was expected, but nothing was noticed.

However, the situation may change depending on the evolution of the models.

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