The Solar Winds Hack will be bigger than the FBI imagined

The Solar Winds Hack will be bigger than the FBI imagined

If we already knew that there was a cyberdock targeting the Solar Winds company Dozens are allowed to reach government agencies And the compromise of state secrets, a new report New York Times Suggests that the extent of the damage may be more severe. 250 other networks have been affected by this hack. According to that report, there may even be hackers Infiltrate Solar Winds Arrays.

Is Solar Winds Only Responsible?

If such a cyber espionage operation could have taken place, it was Many failures on the security side. Report of New York Times Indicates that Cyber ​​Command and the NSA have installed warning systems on foreign networks to detect such attacks. It will appear They will not work.

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The example of the identity card changes color depending on the brightness to allow its recognition.

Is the new national identity card undamaged?

We can also read that the operation was planned by hackers From American soil to avoid provoking the suspicions of the authorities. 2020 U.S. Measures to monitor the presidential election may have helped to continue this cyber-attack without any hindrance.

According to New York Times, Hacking may even have started From Solar Winds offices in Eastern European countries Such as Belarus, the Czech Republic and Poland. We know that engineers in these countries have easy access to Orion software, and the whole campaign would have started from popular software.

Being close to Russia is no accident. One is mentioned in the published statement The undeniable recession on the side of the Solar Winds In the process of responding to this attack. This happened despite the appointment of several top security officials in 2017 to meet the needs of GDP.

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Unprecedented scale attack

Solar winds are currently declining Acknowledge responsibility in this matter. The company wants to hold another position. A spokesman clarified:“We were the target of a highly sophisticated, sophisticated and targeted cyber attack.”. However, many government agencies have actually been affected.

This is particularly the case with the US Treasury Department, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Institute (CISA). ), Or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Microsoft also claimed to have Victim of security breach. The company has detected intrusions in its software. This is bad news because hackers may have used Microsoft products and software. Increase their activities against other companies.

Before knowing exactly, it will definitely take months, if not years, otherwise How hacking went After all, what damage has really happened.

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