Seven apps to decorate your home in developed reality

Seven apps to decorate your home in developed reality

We are going to show you what are the best applications to decorate your home with the help of developed reality. If the application is for iOS or Android, we will show you a detailed list of applications, So you will find all kinds of mobile apps In this package.

You have to keep in mind that this is a good part of the app Scan your house using the camera, So we recommend to be clear about the furniture and possible barriers so that if the application has to record the floors and walls, it can be done accurately.


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Wodomo is a free application for Android. To start using it, we need to scan the structure of our house in 3D, Uses the phone’s camera. More precisely, the application can tell where the corners of the house are. The application is very powerful, it allows you to create a complete plan of the house that can be exported in OBJ or PDF file.

Once the house is registered, we can use the developed reality to place the walls, windows, doors, changing settings, colors, and so on. The complicated thing in this application is that a good measurement needs to be made, But if we achieve it, the results are spectacular.

Download for Android | Vodomo

Room planner

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Room Planner is an IKEA application for designing rooms. You can choose how they will view items at home from the IKEA list. In this case, it does not work like other applications that use magnified reality to scan the house. In this case We need to upload a photo of our room (living room, kitchen, etc.). Also, the application in that photo will allow you to detect elements in the developed reality.

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We also find ready-made projects, so there is no need to design everything from scratch. This app is available for iOS and Android and can be used for free, but with many payment plans if we want to use it.

Download for Android | Room Designer: 3D house design

Download for iOS | Room Designer: 3D house design


Figure 2020 12 29 11 03 54

Homesiteler is one of the best applications to capture ideas in interior design and decor. The process is simple: we load the photo of the room or start from a template and then add elements to the developed reality. We can scale all the furniture they display to different sizes, Go design our preferred rooms.

Likewise, it has a nice social section where we can share our ideas and keep track of the rest of the users. The design of the application and function is very good. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Download for Android | Homestyle

Download for iOS | Homestyle


Figure 2020 12 29 11 04 25 25

Mighty is an app like its competitors, in this case the whole room is recorded by the camera. Once we have created a room, we can begin to add elements to the developed reality. Show the most visual list of furniture, So that they can be easily found and placed in the room we created.

In the same way, Contains a list of brands and designers Thus we can choose some products. In the same way, it allows you to change the colors of the wall and other things, thus we make the rooms of our house more custom.

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Download for Android | Mighty

Mobile Fever

Figure 2020 12 29 11 05 09

Mobile Fever is slightly different from the applications in this package. This is a list of furniture we can buy from the app, With European exports within 5/7 days. The magic of the app is that We can check how this furniture looks in virtual reality, Because it uses Google’s Arcore site to keep our home. The application is free and available for Android.

Download for Android | Mobile Fever

Magic Project

Figure 2020 12 29 11 05 37 37

The Magic Plan is designed primarily Make plans for the rooms of our house. We need to scan it thoroughly so the plane looks beautiful and manages the app to make this mapping more accurate. Once we have created the map We can add different objects to the map Utilizing developed reality. In this case, it is easy to plan the complete distribution of the house, room by room, in addition to decorative use.

Download for Android | Magic Plan

Download for iOS | Magic Plan

Planner 5D

Figure 2020 12 29 11 06 02

Planner 5D is an application that allows you to create plans and designs for what our home should look like. That’s the magic of this app Has integration with Google Cardboard, So if we built these glasses, everything we created in the app could be seen in magnified reality.

Download for Android | Planner 5D

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Download for iOS | Planner 5D

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