The leader of Roscosmos responded with memes to the landing of an American rover on Mars.  Then removed them

The leader of Roscosmos responded with memes to the landing of an American rover on Mars. Then removed them

In a tweet, Roscosmos leader Dmitry Rogozin posted a picture with aliens and the inscription “Yankee Go Home” in response to the successful landing of the American rover on Mars.

After the successful landing on Mars of the American rover Perseverance, Roscosmos posted several memes on this topic by Dmitry Rogozin on social networks, but later deleted them. This was announced by the TV channel on February 20 “Rain”.

Memes are known to have appeared on Twitter and the Telegram. The image later disappeared from Rokos’ ambassador.

A screenshot of the mocking tweets of the leader of Roscosmos, in particular, was published by Russian blogger Rustem Adakamov.

The leader of the Roscosmos commented on the portrait of Rogosin’s face being photographed through the skin: “The first thing Americans saw on Mars.” A minute later, Rokosin released a picture of a group of aliens holding posters with the words “Yankee Go Home” and “Mars to Mars”.

“Then these came,” Rokosin wrote.

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance (“Perseverance”) He left Earth on July 30, 2020… 18 February He Successfully landed on the surface of Mars.

The device has already sent photos of the Red Planet to Earth Color.

Diligently explore the Jessero Valley, Announced At NASA. Scientists say 3.5 billion years ago, the crater had its own river delta and was filled with water. One of the rover’s missions is to search for signs of past microbial life on Mars. In particular, he will collect soil samples and study the planet’s climate and weather.

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Except, Diligence will record sounds on Mars: It has a pair of microphones that, if all goes according to plan, will record the landing of Mars and the sounds of rover, wind and other external noises in the future.

Rokosin became head of Roscosmos in May 2018.

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