7 Big Differences Between K-Pop and American Pop

7 Big Differences Between K-Pop and American Pop

1. Selection process

In American pop, labels usually choose stars based on their innate talent. Singers must already have the level of training and skills needed to be professional artists when auditing or signing contracts. Any training they received before signing up was on their own, in their own time.

Statues, on the other hand, can be chosen for many reasons. Many, like B.D.S.of Gin, Were seen on the street for their strike scenes.

Others, based on their nationality, were strategically selected. To attract a global audience, K-pop groups often include members from China …


… Thailand ¦

… And North America.

Interested sculptors do not need to have professional level skills from the beginning because they each undergo many years of rigorous training before introduction.

2. Training system

In American pop, there is no standard training system. Popular groups of girls and boys from the 90s prefer Les Spice Girls And Back to the street children Developed by open audit and introduced within 1-2 years. Once a band is formed, it is a question of whether or not the band is introduced.

In K-Pop, the training period is very long and uncertain. Idols join a business without knowing which group they belong to, And They are all part of a team. It is not uncommon to get seven years of training without the introduction of g-pop statues. TWICEof Jiho 10 years of training before debut!

3. Skill set

In American pop, incredible vocal skills are an absolute necessity. Additional skills such as dancing and acting are preferred, but not always required.

In K-Pop, due to the internship system, some idols started almost without the ability to sing. Thibiaee, For example, they said they were so bad singers, they had to make their debut as a rap band! Years of vocal training helped them become one of the most popular bands today.

American artists should not have the same expectations for their singing ability as K-pop idols, but they should have a wide range of talents. This includes acting …

Animation of TV and Radio Programs

… And skills in various programs. For many idols, singing is a starting point. This is not a career for life.

4. Professional life expectancy

One reason gay pop stars are so talented is that their idol lives are so much shorter than American pop artists. Most sculptural works will only last for a period of their youth and beauty as they place more emphasis on gay-pop looks.

This is especially true for the “visual” members of gay-pop groups, who should not be as loud as other singers or rappers in their groups.

In K-pop, singers’ popularity declines after the age of 30, but in American pop, age is just a number. Madonna Killing since the 1980s, at the age of almost sixty, has shown no signs of slowing down. This is almost unheard of on K-Pop.

5. Writing songs

Emphasis is placed on the original and unique identity of American pop artists, especially individual singers. Most singers write or compose their own songs, or else they have a word in the writing process. The songs are mostly based on life experiences and deeply personal.

On the other hand, many K-pop idols rely on producers to create their own music. Because idol-making days revolve around song and dance and songwriting, they often do not (or do not have the opportunity) to compose music later in their lives.

And B.D.S. However this is a symptom that is slowly changing. The talented members of PTS write and produce many of their own songs and are heavily involved in the creation of each song.

6. Loyalty of labels

In Korea, artists are more loyal to their labels than their American counterparts. K-pop labels are more than just a label: they are brands. K-pop fans generally know which companies own their favorite statues, but fans of American pop music can’t say the same.

At K-Pop, a big effort is made to create a “family” environment in every company. Preferred by big K-pop entertainment companies SM Entertainment Organize concerts for their “SM family” in which their main and rising stars meet and perform together to promote the company as a whole. Most American pop communities do not have the same “home” environment.

7. Album languages

American pop artists release albums entirely in English and sometimes in French. They do not need to create multiple albums in multiple languages ​​for specific countries to promote globally.

However, K-pop artists will often re-record the same Korean album in Chinese and Japanese or release completely different albums in each language. This is done to attract more viewers to the global Asian pop scene.

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