A very rare white wildebeest was born in an American nature park

A very rare white wildebeest was born in an American nature park

In the Duckwood Canyon Nature Park in the United States, a small white wildebeest was born. This very rare birth is good news for this dangerous creature.

Located in Missouri, Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is an animal sanctuary with many wildlife such as elk, deer and bison. Recently, the park welcomed the newborn just like everyone else. In fact, a white wildebeest was born among other animals. He was nicknamed Dakota, meaning “friend of all”.

White wildebeest, a sacred animal

In Native American culture, white savagery is sacred. Every birth is a sign of peace and good fortune, and promotes communication between the tribal people and their spirits.

“Welcoming such a remarkable white barbarian to our park allows Native Americans to share the important message that there is a definite security protocol. Their wisdom and understanding of the vital balance between land and people still motivates our basic security policies today.”, Said Bob Siehmer, general manager of the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

Photo credit: Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

You can go to the park and catch a glimpse of the newborn by participating in tram tours. The rails that run through the park’s forest allow wildlife to be seen from a distance and respect their tranquility.

Wilderness is a dangerous race

Two centuries ago, more than 30 million barbarians lived in the United States. In the 19th century, only 2,000 people remained on the continent. Breeding and conservation programs have been put in place to prevent the species from becoming extinct. Together with the defenders, the breeders are committed to protecting American barbarians.

Photo credit: Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

“The birth of a white wildebeest is an exceptional event. It is estimated that one in 10,000,000 births is white.”Said Jeremy Hink, director of wildlife at the nature park.

Thanks to these breeding techniques, there are now 350,000 wildebeests in the United States.

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