“A little respect and a little funk”

"A little respect and a little funk"

A prince in New York 2 This Friday Amazon Prime is releasing in the title role with Eddie Murphy. What changes for the French audience? His voice. Christine Bayrooks, dubbed actor, was actually chosen as the new French genius of the American star, who died in 2019, after Med Hondo. So, he is responsible for this highly anticipated film which will be released in more than 30 films. Years after the first part. “A respect and a little funk,” he adds. As he explains in Europe 1, he tried to bring his connection to the character, even if it caused some dissatisfaction.

“I will not be in the shade”

“I have this heavy burden, this respect is doubling One of the monuments to Eddie Murphy and dubbed is from Med Hondo, “explains Christoph Beyrooks.” Attempts to copy the work of his predecessors are questionable. ” I think it’s wrong to want to do that. I will not be in the shade, I will try to give what I have, “he says.

So to get down to the skin of the American comedian, the actor tries to “stick as much as he can in what he presents” and identify with the characters he plays in order to do the best job. Because Eddie Murphy “has a certain music, it’s a particular look. Everything he has in view, this kind of mimicry” by which Christoph Beyrooks tries to get closer to his intentions.

Selected by Eddie Murphy and his team

But after 28 films worn by Med Hondo, the change was surprising, although the American actor had different voices in the meantime. The trailer for the new movie has been criticized by some fans. Christophe Byroux Somewhat audible reactions: “I can understand why people are surprised. There is a question of habit, 30 years later, a voice problem firmly anchored in people’s ears”. However, he condemns “many unsubstantiated criticisms” and hopes that his work will be recognized when viewed.

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Positive point and not least, Eddie Murphy and his team chose his candidacy to overtake King Akhim Joffre. Christophe Bairoux believes in his role that the collaboration will last. “For now, I touch firewood, I like a lot, but I don’t want to go too fast,” he believes. However, after A prince in New York 2, The voice actor has “only one option. Go ahead and try to take charge from Med Hondo efficiently, he’s really extraordinary”.

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