Los Angeles Movie Critics 2021: Winners

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Two days after the announcement of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, two days after the start of the longest season of cinema awards yesterday! As has been going on for years now, the votes for the prizes for the 46th anniversary were gradually announced on the association’s Twitter account, referring to the ever-popular runner-up dolphins. No information about a possible event on the site – not quite possible considering California’s health condition – has been reported so far.

Like their counterparts on the East Coast, critics in Los Angeles were very scattered because of their prices. This did not help us to clarify the dim Oscar race more than ever. After that, in the absence of major publications in cinema, is it the role of the press to highlight the films that its members are passionate about and to conform to, or consensus? Looks like critics topped the list in Los Angeles. Although it means that they have to step back from the numerous works that are aired on online sites, it is much better because it makes it possible to expand the horizons of the audience!

Like the big Sunday winner, Steve McQueen’s five-part epic Small ax It will soon be visible on the Salto stage in France. Running for over six and a half hours, it is the longest-running major winner in the history of the Los Angeles Critics’ Awards, founded in 1975. Only their best film of 1987 Little Dorit As Christine Ezard approached, Charles Dickens’ adaptation was finally exploited on the clock for nearly six hours in theaters around the world. However, it says a lot about the current state of cinema in the United States, which is far more dangerous than France, and one of the main associations of critics is fit to crown the mini-series. Deserves it. Director Steve McQueen won the 2008 New Generation Award for his debut film Hunger.

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Almost like on the East Coast, Close Zhao is the fourth director after Jane Campion. Piano lesson, Pour Katherine Bigelow Tunnels And Debra Chronic No trace, Presented with Los Angeles Critics. On the other hand, the feminist attitude is a bit low when choosing their best film because only two and a half of them have been successful so far: Little Dorit Presented by Christine Edsord, American Splendor Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulsini and Tunnels De Catherine Bigelow.

By description, the late Chadwick Bosman is the third African-American actor to win the Best Actor award in Los Angeles after Denzel Washington. Training day And Forest Whitaker The last king of Scotland. Among the supporting cast, Clin Durman’s name is fortunately included in a list because it includes Adolf Caesar. The story of a soldier, Morgan Freeman Street, Dawn Settle Dance The devil in the blue dress, Dwight Henry Dance Wild South Animals And Mahershala Ali Moonlight.

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Contrary to popular belief, Yoon Yoo-jung was not the first Korean actress to be praised by critics in Los Angeles. Not even. Of course, she is the chief in the category of Best Supporting Actress. However, in general, he was predicted by actresses Kim Hai-jaw Mom And Yun Jung-hee poem, As well as supporting actors Steven Yoon – also starring Threat – In Burning And the song Kong-ho Parasite.

Finally, Chadwick returns to Bosman, where he achieves this feat, winning the Best Actor and Best categories here since the two clubs began offering four presentation prizes in 1977. Co-star in New York for two different films respectively Ma Rainey’s Blues And Da 5 blood blood brothers. Among women, such highlights have never occurred. However, there were two instances in 1984 when the actress changed genres for the same film with Becky Ashcraft. The route to India, Best Actress in New York and Best Supporting Actress in Los Angeles, as well as Patricia Arquette Thirty Years Later Childhood For reverse types.

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Best Picture: Small ax Presented by Steve McQueen, No theatrical release date in France

Second place: Nomlandland Presented by Solo Zhao, French issue February 24, 2021

Best Director: Chloé Zhao for Nomlandland, French release on February 24, 2021

Second place: Steve McQueen for Small Ax, no cinema release date in France

Best Actress: Gary Mulligan Dance Promise to the young lady, French Release on February 17, 2021

Second Place: Viola Davis in Le Blues de Ma Rainey, No Cinema Release Date in France

Best Actor: In Chadwick Bosman () Ma Rainey’s Blues, No cinema release date in France

Second Place: Rhys Ahmed in Sound of Metal, French Release January 20, 2021

A Great Woman © 2019 AR Content / Intermittent Products / ARP All Rights Reserved

Best Supporting Actress: Yoon Yu-jung Threat, Without release date in France

Second Place: Amanda Sefried Dance Monk, No cinema release date in France

Best Supporting Actor: Clin Durman dances Ma Rainey’s Blues, No cinema release date in France

Second Place: Paul Race in Sound of Metal, French Release January 20, 2021

Best Screenplay: Promise to the young lady By Emerald Fennell, French publication February 17, 2021

Second place: Rarely ever Presented by Eliza Hitman

Time © 2020 Concordia Studios / Amazon Studios All Rights Reserved

Best Foreign Language Film: A tall woman (Russia) Contemir Balakov

Second place: Martin Eden (Italy) de Pietro Marcello

Best Documentary: Time Written by Garrett Bradley, no release date in France

Second place: Joint affair Written by Alexander Nanov, French publication February 24, 2021

Best Animated Film: Wolf people By Tom Moore and Rose Stewart, there is no release date in France

Second place: Soul Pete Doctor and Kemp Powers, no cinema release date in France

Le Peuple loup © 2020 Cartoon Saloon Ltd / Molucine Productions / Hot & Court All Rights Reserved

Best Photo: Small ax, No cinema release date in France – Shafiur Kirschner

Second place: Nomlandland, French Release February 24, 2021 – Joshua James Richards

Best Editing: Father, French Release April 7, 2021 – Yorkos Lambrinos

Second place: Time, No release date in France – Gabriel Rhodes

Best Music: Soul, No cinema release date in France – John Batiste, Trent Resner and Atticus Rose

Second place: Small ax Chapter Lovers Rock, No cinema release date in France – Micah Levy

Best Landscape: Monk, No cinema release date in France – Donald Graham Burt

Second place: A tall woman – Sergei Ivanov

Father © 2020 Trademark Movies / Cine @ / F Com Movies / Movies 4 / Sony Pictures Classics All Rights Reserved

Brix new generation: The 40-year-old is still on the run Presented by Radha Blanc, there is no cinema release date in France

Douglas Edwards Award for Independent Cinema, Experimentation and Video: His socialist smile Issued by John Gianvito, No release date in France

As already announced on October 28, the Los Angeles Critics’ Association’s Cory Prize Prizes American Singer, Activist and Actor Harry Belafonde (* 1927 / The flesh and the devil of the world, Kansas City, Black Clansman), As well as Taiwanese director Hu Hsiao-hsien (* 1947 / Puppet Master, Shanghai flowers, The killer).


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