Many results, directors’ new method of avoiding spoilers

Many results, directors' new method of avoiding spoilers

Friday 16 April 2021

“What is your favorite horror movie?”, This cult horror movie phrase will soon hit our nights Scream5. “Continuation of the iconic film that brought the genre”Slasher movie“In the 90s.Slasher movie“This is the word we use for a film with a masked psychic killer who often kills a group.. Necessary Scream Spirits were marked with his killer Ghostface And his most creepy white mask, there were 3 sequels on the back, and 10 years later a new film is being made.

Scream5 Announced last year and is scheduled for January 12, 2022 in France. Beware, the original cast returns with 3 stars of the right to reconsider their cult roles: New Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette. The shooting of the film is now over, so it should be released in a timely manner..

Apparently, the information is already starting to run this long-awaited sequel, especially their method of avoiding spoilers at all costs.. According to the American site Bleeding is disgusting, The directors wrote several versions of the script, and they are said to have baked many possible conclusions to deal with the leaks.. Movies are a choice that seems logical since Scream The audience relies heavily on twists throughout the film trying to guess who is behind the mask. The storyline does everything to mislead them until the big final revelation comes. In doing so, they take the lead on social networks, where views can be leaked quickly today..

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A decision that echoes what happened Scream2. The film was released in 1997, although we still have rowing modems and large computers, but the film’s script leaked to the Internet, forcing the screenwriter Kevin Williamson The decision had to be changed Scream2 To put the final twist on suspense.

Not so new method, it is coming back more and more. In fact, the Russo Brothers filmed 5 different results to avoid spoilers Avengers EndCom. The same goes for the eighth season Game of Thrones. According to some rumors, the series would have been entitled to an alternative ending. A result that fans wanted to see the poor quality of the selected one. And more recently Gary Joji Fukunaka The new James Bond would have chosen this method as well Wait to die. Three results would have been filmed for the film, and only Gary Fukunaka would have known what he had chosen. Obviously, we are talking about a big budget movie or series that can create scenes that are not used in the final cut..

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