The big third quarter beat the Jazz Suns 111-92

The big third quarter beat the Jazz Suns 111-92

Bogdanovic adds 18 points, Cobert 11 points and Utah 20 boards.

. Game against Phoenix Suns, December 14, 2020.

When asked before the game on Monday night, he was asked how to handle the division of minutes between players who want to go on the track and young people who want to show up, and amid three scheduled pre-season matches with the tournament, Utah jazz coach Queen Snyder replied that the Saturday opener was almost clean split. Will not be.

“It’s really about our senior comrades,” Snyder said. “We want the guys to have the opportunity to play together. … The regular season is in the right corner, so you guys want to make sure we’re in a good position for that.”

Good call. After battling much of the first half against the Phoenix team on Monday, Jazz ‘rotation regulators finally got to know things, opening the game wide with a 111-92 win at Utah Wind Arena in the third quarter.

. , December 14, 2020.

After burying Phoenix on Saturday in a barrage of opening-half 3-pointers, the Jazz found it too hard to reconsider two days later.

Utah was cut off from the start as Chris Paul Sons led an enthusiastic defensive effort. The Jazz made 13 breakthroughs before half-time and there were plenty of interval and time issues – including five Joe Jones and three Donovan Mitchell, two of the team’s primary ball-handlers. Meanwhile, neither Mitchell nor Bojan Boktanovic were able to get their shots on, with the former often settling for a rough midrange look, with the latter repeatedly knocking open 3s from the edge.

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Even if things go right – when the Boktanovic shot-on-the-clock Ingles made a 3 out assist – this does not mean that everything is fine, because the possession previously had a driver Mitchell kicking one beyond – wide-open inks behind the curve, only to pass the best look and the well-closed bogey They will make it run down with the clock.

So, Snyder left the regulation halfway through and tried to get Mojo back after being fully served by the Phoenix second division.

They finally figured it out.

Jazz 111, Sons92

Utah ends the first half 8-0 and opens the second game with 13-0 Blitz.

J Bojan Boktanovic shot another slow start and scored a team high 18 points.

Ud Rudy Cobert added 11 points (10 for 7 in a row) and 20 reps, while Jazz ‘defense put the Phoenix game at 42.0% shooting.

Utah closed the first half 8-0 – with Mike Conley 3, two Conley free throws and a Boktanovic 3 – leading 49-48.

After the break, the pair went back to where they left off, hitting Conley 3 in the third quarter, and Bogdanovic drove a set, then pierced Boogie 3 – until Phoenix coach Monty Williams suddenly forced time with Utah until nine.

That 16-0 run eventually turned into a 21-0 run and then a 32-6 lead.

“We came to this game with a defensive mindset. The guys were super locked at the defensive end; things didn’t run smoothly at the end of the attack,” Conley said. “In the third quarter, we started to get rid of some initial actions and changes … so we didn’t have to work so hard on hitting the ball.”

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In fact, by the end of the third quarter, the Jazz had accumulated 38 points during this period and opened 17 points advantage.

“We played with good defense in the first half, but the revenue didn’t help us,” Snyder later said. “Once we found it and put it in custody, we were so much better.”

Boktanovic scored 18 points (4 of 9 on the field and 7 of 7 on the field) to go with five boards. Conley added 16 points, while Mitchell contributed 15 points. Rudy Cobert chipped in with 11 points, while dominating 20 rebounds in the glass.

Meanwhile, Utah’s defense proved to stumble into the second game in a row – despite seeing Paul limited to just 17 minutes, rotation regulators Jay Groder, Cameron Johnson, Tario Sarrick and Cam Payne were all completely out. The Suns shot just 42.0% from the field and only 28.6% from the 3-point line.

“We’m going to get nights out there, and the biggest thing is to make sure safety is something that carries us through, whether we have a good night or a bad one,” Mitchell said. “So I’m very happy with how the game went – our This type of game is needed to see where the defense is. “

At the start of the fourth inning Jazz sent the aforementioned youngsters – Mie Oni, Elijah Hughes, Juan Morgan, Nigel Williams-Goes – to play a few minutes against the Suns openers. They beat the Phoenix spin comrades 14-9 before Williams emptied his own bench.

The only fall of the youth run was played with 2:14, when rookie center Utoka Azubuyke met Abdel Nader on the edge and covered him. As the latter fell hard and hit his head on the court, a referee reviewed Asupoik as a clear-cut 2-level fraud and expelled him from the game.

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On Thursday evening in Los Angeles the Jazz will fold their pre-season slate and pick up clippers at the Staples Center.

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