Luke Voight did not want to ban special security

Luke Voight did not want to ban special security

Since yesterday, the issue of special security has been back in major baseball news. Why? This is because the MLP announced that the new rules would be tested in small leagues.

In them, we find the special security file. The infielder should keep their feet in the sand at AA level, and in the second half of the season, they should be on the safe side of the second floor.

MLPs who want to promote offensive through victories (and Homers, of course) Change Create attack.

In general, this idea is well received. Aaron Boone, for his part, believes this effort (and others) is good.

But not everyone agrees. Some do not want to remove special protections.

Among them are the Yankees first cushion player and Boone Gold Luke White.

The same story applies to Taylor Walls, the hopeful of the rays. To his eyes, Teams like Rays learned to beat special defense.

In their view, special protection should not be abolished. Instead, you need to know how to adapt.

If you do not modify, you will eventually exit Sports.

– Luke You can

Keep in mind that using special defense against a player does not mean he is good: it means he will always hit the same spot. Nolan Arinado, to name a few, has no exaggerated defense against him as he wins everywhere.

Luke White, with the exception of the infield, is able to push the ball relatively into the fields – apparently with a tendency to the left.
Screenshot: Baseball Sawant

No, winning a special defense is not easy. They believe that if a team uses a special defense against a player, they will not attack the hole they have created. So it is up to him to work hard to improve as a winner overall. After a few hits shift, Teams will stop using it.

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150 years ago, the best thinkers decided that playing ball was the way we knew it. Could baseball have changed since then? Did we realize that keeping guys in their original position is not always optimal?

I believe so, myself.

This is called the evolution of the game. Hitters are getting better and security has found a way to control them. So, it’s up to hitters to get up and find a way to make things better.

If it is so easy to win Change, Hitters will find a new way to beat security. The game is going to evolve this way, and that’s exciting.

What do you think?

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