Henry Cavill was injured during the filming of season two of ‘The Witcher’

Henry Cavill was forced to sit on the set The Witcher According to the report, after the leg injury.

The actor, who plays Gerald of Rivia, is currently filming the second season of the hit Netflix show in the UK, although he is said to be out of action for a short time now.

According to The sun, Cavill was injured in the leg in the course of an attack, worked at a height of 20 feet, and wore a saddle. Deadline He is said to have injured a small leg muscle.

This is not the first time production has been affected in season two, with shooting halted on two occasions this year due to a corona virus infection.

Witcher Review
Henry Cavell in The Witcher. Credit: Netflix

Ahead of the show’s second season, Netflix recently shared a Christmas themed super cut The Witcher Everyone is trying to get Geralt to feel more festive excitement.

“Save your slates another day, now is simply the time to kill. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however.

Meanwhile, Shoraner Lauren Schmidt Hisrich says the series will continue to explore Gerald’s disability as described in the novel. Time to think.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavell in The Witcher. Credit: Netflix

Following a fan thread highlighting the character’s inability, the producer tweeted: “I’ve read these books a dozen times, these particular sections, and I can’t think of more than this: ‘Gerald is in a little pain, the next thing. ‘I made a mistake.

“I’m happy to dig this further. Add this layer to our hero.”

N.M.E. Said a review of our season The Witcher: “There is a lighter, more cartoonish tone [than Game of Thrones], There will be many exotic fantasy monsters and witchcraft while flying, and a strong sense of humor, especially in the form of Joey’s interview with the famous-hungry Minister Jasker. After all, this is a fun, often exciting saw. “

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