New Utah Jazz Guard Shaq Harrison is eager to ‘fill that void’ as the team’s perimeter security ace

New Utah Jazz Guard Shaq Harrison is eager to 'fill that void' as the team's perimeter security ace

New Utah Jazz Guard Shaq Harrison is eager to ‘fill that void’ as the team’s perimeter security ace

(Photo courtesy of Utah Jazz) Policeman Shahul Harrison participates in Utah Jazz training on Friday, December 11, 2020. The defensive expert is recovering from a broken arm, but expects him to be ready to roll soon.

No one has ever anticipated adding a list before the first season of the Utah Jazz 2020-21 season, but here we are. So, Shahul Harrison said, “Meet the new guy!” Come to the lightning circuit of.

First of all, is it Shakul or Shock Thana?

“I don’t really care. Most people call me Shock; My mother calls me Shahul. “

Did you know anything about Utah before coming here?

“A lot of Mormons – that’s all I heard.”

First posts when you arrived?

“Honestly, when I first got here, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘This is a good airport.’ Where I come from, Kansas City Airport is not as beautiful as this. ”

Direct and honest. Like. For a good start. Where this goes from here, of course, depends on what Harrison does to the jazz on the basketball court.

This time, it wasn’t much.

The fourth-year-old guard was paralyzed by a broken arm and suffered a pickup in the office at the Mamba Sports Academy in Los Angeles, when an undecided body part of Rockets defender James Horton bent Harrison’s arm ugly. At first he did not realize that anything was wrong, but then when there was some swelling, an examination revealed “a small fracture”.

Still, he is making progress towards coming back.

“Now I am very close. My schedule, I’m not sure when I will play, but for now, I’m working without my cast, and it’s been like that for three days now, ”said Harrison. “My hand is fine – it doesn’t hurt. I take it slowly and make sure we do it the right way. “

Harrison’s injury was actually news to new teammate Joe Ingles, who knew nothing of it in terms of the limited first practice they admitted on Friday.

“I didn’t know he had a broken arm!” Inks said with a laugh. “He’s fine today.”

They will be better off with a fine once he is officially ready to go.

The 6-foot-4 Harrison is probably not tied to the team for a bigger role, but he certainly fills a spot where they were previously bright – a perimeter defender capable of hunting down quick, jitterbug scoring point guards.

He had already made an appearance on Jazz from his previous stops in Phoenix and Chicago.

Minnesota Timberwolves ‘D’Angelo Russell, on the left, avoids the Chicago Bulls’ Shakul Harrison’s defensive effort on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, in the first half of an NBA basketball game in Minneapolis. (AP Photo / Jim Mon)

“Donovan and I were talking about it when we signed with him. Donovan had some bad memories. [Harrison] Picking up [him] Upstairs, ”Inks said. “He had some clips [Harrison] Threatening him, this is obviously – for our team – a good addition to add another defender with his quick character. ”

Coach Queen Snyder acknowledged that Harrison’s frantic approach to the court’s decision was obvious.

“When you see him play, it jumps out of you so he can defend,” Snyder said. “He can defend the ball, he has the body, and when you see a guy who can bring it, I’m glad our staff and I had the opportunity to work with him.”

Harrison said that although he did not have a specific conversation with Jazz about what his role was, it was not that difficult for him to figure it out.

“My goal is to fill that void where they are missing,” Harrison said. “For me, I come in every day and bring in 110%, I really believe it – every man works hard every day. You can not control making shots, you can not control the ball going in, there will be some days, but you can come in every day and play hard , It will take care of itself. ”

Of course, he has a hand recovery and a delay in his arrival for the team that is now working against him. This season will be difficult for newcomers already, due to the short duration of the season and the lack of regular organized team activities prior to training camp.

Harrison did not sign with Utah until Thursday, and when the team opens its three-game pre-season against Phoenix on Saturday, things will not help. But what can the team do to speed him up – even if it’s not at lightning speed.
“When you come, the rules and the language and apparently the style and coach of the game Q. Now everything is different for him. We will help him as much as we can,” Inks said. “He was sitting like a deer in the headlights today, trying to figure out theatrical calls and everything, but He’s a smart kid – he’s going to find it very quickly. “

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