Everyone wants the resignation of the Mariners president

Everyone wants the resignation of the Mariners president

I wonder why guys like Ken Giles and James Paxton have signed on to Seattle in the last few weeks. After all, apart from the fact that the team did not dominate, the controversy now affecting the Mariners is significant.

What controversy? Basically, President Kevin Mather started insulting everyone. He was criticized for his excellent opportunity (Jared Kelenick) for refusing to sign a long-term contract. He said players who needed a translator were “lazy” and that they were adding money Salary Because a translator is needed. He confirmed that Kyle Caesar would be out in a year. Etc ..

And since yesterday, everyone has been angry.

Yes, Mather felt the need to publish a press release. We agree to say that we are talking about a job P.R. More than a real apology.

A simple search on Twitter allows him to realize that no one wants to keep him in the company. Amateur players get angry, and so do players.

This tweet has been picked up by many fans since yesterday. It is stuck everywhere, including under the releases of the Mariners.

Ken Rosenthal also wants to see the president go.

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In a speech published in Mather’s story, Rosenthal recalled that there were also allegations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace and that some women rose up against him.

When you put it all together, you realize that it starts to do more. Every event deserves to see the president removed from office. Imagine the sum of all the controversies.

It has to be a time, I think.

  • Trent Thornton is recovering.

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