Cobert and Bottom react to Theo Maldives’ almost unique record!

NBA Rudy Gobert rΓ©agit Γ  l'exploit unique de Theo Maledon au Thunder

Enjoying a match at Forget the thunder, Theo Malidan shone individually and signed an almost unique record in NBA history! Rudy Cobert and Nico Bottom, who were pleasantly surprised, commented on the Frenchman’s big blow.

We do not know if such a situation exists every year, but April 2 brings good luck to our French players in the NBA. To understand, let’s start with Evan Fornier first. After the first defeat in Boston (0/10 shooting) a few days ago, he sent a very strong message to his new owner A crazy 4th quarter against rockets ! A performance that Nico Bottom did not escape:

This Friday is another French name that is much hotter than the pricey chicken called Theo Malitan. Thunder’s blue-white-red rookie took advantage of the assassinations of Phoenix (103-140) to prove himself. The result? He advanced his career point record to 33 points A record so far unique in the history of Russell Westbrook. It is strong, it is very good for confidence, and it makes the comrades of France react.

To begin with, Rudy Cobert says the youngster gets faster after the match:

Then back to Nico Bottom, apparently this evening of rest for the clippers:

French, French, know one thing: The DayApril 2 is now blessed when you come from Hexagon. Next year, on the same date, conClose it all.

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