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Honda The shortage of car parts caused by congestion in UK ports may force it to suspend production at its Swindon plant.

The Japanese carmaker told staff on Tuesday that Transport delays and potential shortages could disrupt production. ” The company is taking care of alternative arrangements such as flying parts, but production may stop early Wednesday.

The carmaker joins in the number of businesses complaining about the disruption that could return to ports. Builders report Lack of power tools, wood and roof tiles Retailers are finding it difficult to get stock in stores at Christmas.

The condition of the ports has been described as a perfect storm, at a time when operators’ ability to handle it by increasing cargo volume is hampered by corona virus controls.

Since September, Felixstowe, the country’s largest container port, has been struggling to cope as companies have rushed to fill stocks since the lockout ended. Proxy Deadline.

Last month, the Guardian revealed it 11,000 containers of PPE purchased by the government Were part of the problem at Felixstowe. Its appendix should be reduced to about 4,000 and destroyed by Christmas.

Congestion at Felixstow is a problem for the whole country as it handles about 40% of all containers coming in and out of the UK. However, congestion has spread to other ports, including Southampton and the London Gateway.

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The Builders Merchants Federation told the Guardian that port delays were becoming a “major issue” and that ships could take up to four weeks. The situation was of great concern because it prevents the formation of companies Proxy Reserves.

In recent weeks, the image of congestion has prompted ships to “cut and run” – somewhat unloading or avoiding UK calls and instead dumping cargo in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Jeeprook. Some carriers are arguing not to call Felixstow until February because of fears it will be clogged.

The disruption facing Honda is a worrying signal Proxy Talks go wire. There have been car makers Moving cars and parts both ways Across the channel to ensure that they can cope if the UK and EU fail to accept a trade agreement.

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