Highlights: Poomas 0-0 Pachuka Liga MX 2020 | 11/29/2020

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2:57 PM2 hours ago

94 ‘

The match ends, the score is zero and Poomas Cart 1Ans qualifies for the semifinals of the 2020 competition.

2:55 PM2 hours ago

94 ‘

Good wipe of the mahogany to prevent the tumors from coming to a small area of ​​the puma

2:54 PM2 hours ago

93 ‘

Ustari goes on the attack! The goalkeeper shoots in the head, but the ball is not a problem.

2:53 PM2 hours ago

90 ‘

Replace the puma. Brian Mendoza enters Dinino.

2:52 PM2 hours ago

89 ‘

Strong confrontation between Gonzalez and Murillo, but already both have risen without problems.

2:49 PM2 hours ago

87 ‘

Goalkeeper! Bordeaux’s center, but Gonzalez throws himself and moves the ball

2:47 PM2 hours ago

86 ‘

Good storage of Gonzalez holding the ball after the nurse’s dangerous shot.

2:46 PM2 hours ago

84 ‘

He blew it up! The bounce is left to Brian Gonzalez, who only flies in front of the target, letting that sphere fly.

2:45 PM2 hours ago

83 ‘

Freer’s good intervention, after a tussle shot, strikes the ball defender and something clear is lost.

2:40 PM2 hours ago

78 ‘

Idorbe’s flash going to the stands

2:40 PM2 hours ago

77 ‘

Change of Duos. Enter Brian Gonzalez by Rodrigo Salinas

2:35 PM2 hours ago

73 ‘

Change of campus. Carlos Guterres leaves for Juan Idorbev

2:31 PM3 hours ago

69 ‘

A nice pickup of cuties, it ends up in a shot that is a little broken.

2:30 PM3 hours ago

68 ‘

Changes of Pachukka. Enter Felipe Bardo and Roberto Nurse by Vector Garcia and Emmanuel Garcia

2:26 PM3 hours ago

65 ‘

Ismail is the center of Sosa, but Gonzalez stays with the jumping sphere

2:22 PM3 hours ago

61 ‘

The title is by Johan Vasquez, which takes the risk away from Gonzalez’s bow.

2:21 PM3 hours ago

59 ‘

Replace the puma. Fosundo Waller by Andres Iniesta

2:21 PM3 hours ago

57 ‘

Waller’s flash definitely goes a little off

2:20 PM3 hours ago

56 ‘

Double transformation of Duos. Entered by Eric Sanchez and Francisco Fikurova and Vector Devila by Ismail Sosa

2:17 PM3 hours ago

55 ‘

Good intervention by Johan Vasquez to prevent the ball from reaching the goal.

2:15 PM3 hours ago

54 ‘

Dinenno’s title, but the ball comes to Ustari without any problems.

2:11 PM3 hours ago

49 ‘

Uff! Shot by Carlos Gonzalez managing the Ustari diversion

2:09 PM3 hours ago

47 ‘

The rest of the ball bounces to Alan Moso, who shoots well from outside the area, but the ball goes wide

2:08 PM3 hours ago

46 ‘

Almost! Dinenno finishes the head first, but the ball goes to the side

2:06 PM3 hours ago

45 ‘

Filling begins in Mexico City.

1:49 PM3 hours ago

45 + 2 ‘

At the end of the first part, the scoreboard remains unopened in the CU

1:48 PM3 hours ago

45 + 2 ‘

Julio Gonzalez does not fly and holds the ball without problems.

1:47 PM3 hours ago

44 ‘

Goalkeeper! Carlos Guttierez finishes, but Ustari blocks the ball from entering

1:42 PM3 hours ago

40 ‘

Eric Lira Dusa appears to be throwing the attack and taking the ball out and blocking the first goal.

1:39 PM3 hours ago

37 ‘

He forgave the cow! Vector Devila is alone against Gonzalez, but is able to fly that ball forward

1:36 PM3 hours ago

33 ‘

Gonzalez! The local goalkeeper goes out and he takes a ball out with his fists.

1:35 PM3 hours ago

31 ‘

Cabral’s good intervention to prevent the Aryans from creating danger

1:32 PM4 hours ago

28 ‘

Stick! Devila’s finish collided with the crossbar and poomas

1:29 PM4 hours ago

27 ‘

Murillo’s head slightly above the arch of Gonzalez.

1:28 PM4 hours ago

26 ‘

Moso’s strong entry into Luis Chavez ends in a warning to Ariasul

1:18 PM4 hours ago

17 ‘

Goalkeeper! Guttierez’s shot was deflected by Ustari and the ball could be left to Waller, who could not finish well.

1:10 PM4 hours ago

9 ‘

Waller’s good defense to prevent the dangerous arrival of Salinas

1:08 PM4 hours ago

6 ‘

Top cow! After Gonzalez’s attack shot and save, Devila is regenerated, he is encouraged to shoot, but the ball goes sideways

1:06 PM4 hours ago

4 ‘

Good shot from Freer going over the Ustari arch

1:04 PM4 hours ago

2 ‘

Good start to Gonzalez! Behind the wall of Fikurova and Devila, this last one is encouraged to shoot, but the archer makes a good save.

1:01 PM4 hours ago

0 ‘

The meeting begins at the University Olympic Stadium

12:59 PM4 hours ago


This fight is nowhere to be found in CU.

12:47 PM4 hours ago

Booms: Lineup |

J. Gonzalez; A. Moso, A. Mayorka, J .; Vasquez, n. Freer; F. Waller, c. Guterres, J .; Wigan, E. Lira; J. Dinenno, c. Gonzalez.

12:34 PM5 hours ago

Sebastian Sucseto reappears!

12:29 PM5 hours ago

Ustari is getting ready!

12:09 PM5 hours ago

How to watch Liguilla Pumas vs Pachuca Live TV and Stream

12:04 PM5 hours ago

Poomas has a young staff!

The average age of Ariasulus was 25.5; Duosz averages 27.3, indicating that the L. Petric group was the first to use their quarry.

11:59 AM5 hours ago

First time in the playoffs!

This is the first time that both Lilini and Pesolano have entered Liguila in the MX League. The Tusso coach has already entered the ‘Festo Ronde’ of the MX Cup.

11:54 AM5 hours ago

Pachuka: Last row

O. Ustari; K. Alvarez, G. Cabral, O. முரில்லோ; V. Guzman, E. Aguirre, i. Sosa, L .; Chavez, F. Bardot; R. Nurse, e. Sanchez.

11:49 AM5 hours ago

Poomas: Last row

J. Gonzalez; A. Moso, A. Mayorka, J .; Vasquez, n. Freer; F. Alvarez, F. Waller, J .; Wigan, E. Lira; J. Dinenno, c. Gonzalez.

11:44 AM5 hours ago

Pachukka has not won since 2014!

It was in the quarterfinals of the 2014 Glasgow that Pacquiao beat Universitசிrios 4 goals to 2, eliminating them to advance to the next stage.

11:34 AM6 hours ago

Boomas will try to pursue the dream

11:29 AM6 hours ago

Kick-off time

The Poomas vs Pachuka competition will be held at the Olympico Universitario Stadium in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled for ET at 1 p.m.

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