Lion Links: 11/22/20 – Mane Land

Lion Links: 11/22/20 - Mane Land

Happy Sunday to all. Several weeks ago I was told about the liquid food that was in preparation for a colonoscopy. It canceled me half an hour before I was scheduled to pick up the product solution, so at least I didn’t have to go through that area, but guess what? I went back to a liquid diet again in anticipation of getting the process tomorrow.

With the knowledge that Orlando City is in the second round of the playoffs after incredible events in yesterday’s penalty shootout I can at least conserve my fluids. New York City F.C..

Before heading into the news of the day, happy birthday to Orlando Pride midfielder Taylor Kournick.

The Lions beat past pigeons in penalties

I do not have to review the details of yesterday’s match for you here, but it’s fun, so why not do it anyway? Nanny highlighted the Lions early on with a penalty kick after Anton Dinnerhome took a shot from the outstretched arm. Orlando then gave up the goal by kicking into a corner Maxim Sonot Illegal, but unaccounted for, the two-handed harassing junior left Urzo and then went home. For a long time there were no goals, the game kicked off the field, there was a commotion and now Rodrigo Schlegel is our new president. That is the law.

Christopher Adams holds your five trips later from the tournament, and I’m getting a new block player standards – hot out of the oven! – And Man of the Match this morning. We also have a photo gallery from Don McDonald.

Also, you can buy the Schlegel goalkeeper kit at the team store.

When the storage won, Bareja comforted Ruwan in the locker room

Oscar couple Thinking the match was over he ran from the tunnel to the locker room, where he saw Ruwan in tears. After Pedro Kallis assured his full back that he had been fined and released, Bareja was informed that the savings had been reviewed He had to return to the pitch. Fortunately, it eventually worked.

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OCSC supporters rock the playoffs

We will give the big end of the cap to Rugus and the Iron Lion Company Saturday Playoff Defoe, This is the Clint Eastwood Classic, The good is the bad and the ugly. This defo paid homage to Louis Musi, Pareja and Nani. The tagline under Main Defoe was “For some, the season was hell. For us, it was practical. In the film’s tag line, “For three men, civil war is not hell. It was practical. “Great creative idea by everyone involved.

Pro stands by the decisions of referee Alan Chapman

When Pedro Bellis was sent off with a second yellow card during the penalty shootout, a lot of anger from the fans was directed towards the chaos on the pitch. Alan Chapman did not seem to know the rules and was almost admitted Brian Rowe As an alternative to Rodrigo Schlegel. After lengthy consultation with the video assistant referee and his other team, Chapman sent Rowe back to the bench, which led to Schlegel’s heroism. The professional arbitration panel said Chapman ultimately made the right decisions.

Of course, it was Chapman’s own contradiction throughout the match that started the problem. As the anger escalated throughout the match, Gary McKay-Steven hit the Brazilian with his hands on his abdomen, provoking Ruwan in retaliation for a junk move to push his weight across his legs. Ruan took the exception and walked out, saying he shouldn’t have done it. This is a selfish and nonsensical play. But there is no doubt that keeping that red card and a man down contributed to wasting time on Kallis’ 103rd minute yellow card and the madness that followed the shooting. Pro, as we often say, Pro.

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Martha Positive tests for COVID-19

In less fun news, Orlando is the Pride star Marta tested positive for COVID-19 While in his native Brazil. As such, he will miss Brazil’s upcoming friendly against Ecuador. We hope that Marta will achieve this quickly and without any difficulties. Meanwhile, Brazil manager Pia Sundage has replaced Marta with his Bright teammate Camila.

American soldiers abroad

That’s one Great day for Americans They play abroad even if they don’t get the score. Josh Sergeant Werder Bremen’s goal was won 1-1 with this good help. Bayern Munich.

Nico Giochini, who was new to his two-goal effort for USMNT, was fined for setting a winning goal for his teammate Cain. John Brooks helped his team keep a clean sheet 2-0. Not just some good contributions to Geo Raina Borussia DortmundHerta won 5-2 over Berlin, but he also signed a contract extension.

Free kicks
  • Earling Holland won the 2020 Golden Boy Award Under-21 Best European Player. USMNT Fullback Sergino ranked 13th in the Test poll.
  • The first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs after Saturday, The Columbus team stopped the New York Red Bulls, 3-2.
  • In fact, in football-related news, Yves Jean-Bart, president of the Haitian Football Association, Life is forbidden for sexual abuse Of young players.
  • Among those born on this date were Rodney Dangerfield (1921), Robert Vaughan (1932), Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam (1940), Billy Jean King (1943), E Street Band guitarist Steven von Sand (1950), and speaking leaders bassist Dina Weymouth (1950). , Jamie Lee Curtis (1958), Wire And Lovecraft Country Star Michael K. Williams (1966), Boris Becker (1967), Mark Rufallo (1967), Scarlett Johansson (1984), and England / Roma centerback Chris Smalling (1989).
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That is the time today. Enjoy the rest of the coverage of yesterday’s match.

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