The unexpected benefit of finding lockers

LeBron James, Anthony Davis et Kentavious Caldwell-Pope des Lakers célèbrent

Lakers who have already dominated, despite carefully managing the brief office and their stars, can count on a new unimportant asset … they are delighted.

With 7 trips in their first 12 meetings, it wasn’t easy to find a post-season title for the Lakers. Many spectators feared the lack of motivation in the Angelino teams and the absence of their stars again, LeBron James And Anthony Davis. Their fears ultimately prove unfounded.

After playing in 13 games, the reigning champions have a record of 10-3 and have already widened the gap with their followers. At best, they have signed a license register by winning the first 7 distance meetings. Even better, they have a positive difference of 11 points over their opponents, which is the best average in the league.

Why is this final statistic noteworthy? This great lead on the scoreboard Frank Vogel allows his great players to relax in all peace. LeBron and AD, for example, did not cross 30 minutes on the ground during the team’s last road trip. However, the coach says the blower is not an instruction.

No, we’ve trying to win the game, you know. Once we get a big lead in the late 3rd or 4th quarter, we think about managing the minutes and taking care of our players without spending too much. Only then are they given the opportunity to relax.

Unlike last regular season, Purple & Gold finished their meetings with an average of 5.7 points and their leaders can now further defend themselves. Davis (32 minutes per game) has never played so little since his playing season, while LPJ (32 million) has never benefited from such management in his career.

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But luxury twins are not the only ones taking advantage of this cycle. While both are recovering, some of their less used teammates are using junk food. Whether they are thrilled players or young hopefuls looking for experience, Vogue can please their entire list for this dominance.

This is an opportunity for them to play for a while, allowing them to discover their rhythm and their physical condition. This is an opportunity to bring in our young players, put them in certain situations where we want to see them, and observe how they behave. So there are benefits to all of these, of course.

Unipro, despite its competitive attitude and love of basketball, is not surprised to share this enthusiasm about its “load management”. Instead of complaining that the time to raise his figures is too short, he wants to see things for a longer period of time and make positive decisions in his quest to go backwards.

We play the right way; How much space we create in the 4th quarter and rest on the bench, which will be reflected later in the season, especially in the playoffs. Especially during a compressed season and after having such a short office. This is a good thing for the future, we will have to play 40 or 42 minutes in the playoffs or at the end of the season.

So the calls made by the Lakers at the start of the season allow them to send a message to other parts of the league, but also allow them to retain their strength for the crucial deadline. What more.

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