Costco sells private jet member k for 24k

Costco sells private jet member k for 24k

Costco has come up with a solution for travelers who worry about commercial flights during epidemics – they will need $ 24,000.

The U.S. retailer sells a one-year membership to a private jet charter company called Wheels Up, which allows members to “book a private jet as easily as riding stock or short-term rental,” says the product description.

, 8 Although 23,899 members is the largest fee, it comes with an 80 4780 Costco shop card and an air loan worth about 60 5460.

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Other offers include “Dedicated Account Management”, one-year membership with Inspirato, a luxury vacation rental subscription service and “Guaranteed nationwide flight availability up to 365 days per year”.

Unfortunately, for Aussies, this offer is only available in the United States.

U.S. members can purchase an additional “financial plan” with lower fares and lower billing flight times, or they may “pay on the fly” according to product description.

The Wheels Up Navy has more than 300 private jets and more than 1250 allied aircraft.

The company guarantees enhanced hygiene and safety measures through its “Safe Route” program, in which all Wheel Up aircraft receive at least one antimicrobial shield treatment every 90 days, and all seats and interior surfaces between each aircraft are cleaned.

Wheels Up members can be found online at the “Electronics” section or at the store with other gift cards. Washington Post.

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Costco opens its first Australian store Melbourne In 2009, there are now 12 stores across the country.

At the supermarket that sells jumbo-sized food portions and American products, shoppers have to pay a $ 60 annual membership to shop at the store.

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Some of the unusual items on sale at the wholesale supermarket include coffins, engagement rings, hearing aids and a 10kg batch of Cadbury’s milk chocolate.

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