Celebrity chef Alton Brown accuses ‘flibund’ of ‘bad taste’ for Holocaust references


The Food Network presenter apologizes after receiving a backlash for comparing today’s political environment to the genocide of European Jews from deleted tweets.

Alton Brown Regrets his “active” Holocaust comment. In the deleted tweets, he found himself comparing today’s political climate to the genocide of European Jews. “Good food“The star apologized and accused her of” bad taste “for making such comments.

On Wednesday, November 11, the host of the Food Network expressed his regret via Twitter. “I apologize for the active note I made in the Holocaust in my tweet last night. This is not a note I made for a humorous outcome, but rather a reflection of how deeply fearful I am for our country. This is a bad use of judgment and bad taste,” he explained.

= Alton Brown's tweet

Alton Brown apologized for his Holocaust comment.

Alton received a setback after releasing tweets with the Holocaust note. “So, when they move us to the camps, do you think they will choose us state? I’m going to ask Kansas because the sky is so beautiful there … over wheat” he first tweeted on Tuesday, November 10, and then he sent another tweet , “Do you think camp uniforms are as striped as in Auschwitz, or are they practical?”

The famous chef’s second post prompted a fellow social media user to comment, “Hey dude. Take it easy.” He pulled away and fired back, “F ** k you.” However, another follower played for a long time and suggested, “It depends on what you get when you go inside.” The 58-year-old replied, “No gold file.”

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Alton Brown's tweet

Alton Brown released the tweets with the Holocaust note.

Alton’s tweets led to another serious objection. “Auschwitz and gold filling?” You are talking. Food is the man of the world, “the critic said angrily.

Alton Brown's tweet

Alton Brown revealed that he was a Republican in his lifetime.

Before releasing the Holocaust comments, Alton revealed that he was a Republican during his lifetime before changing his political party affiliation. “In previous years I voted for the Republican Party, but, I voted for #Bidenharis 2020, I strongly support it,” he noted in a tweet, which was removed. “This is a time for dignity and unity [Donald Trump]Tribalism, racism and misinformation. ”

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