SSC will satisfy the people who repeat Duvattara’s excellent speed record

SSC will satisfy the people who repeat Duvattara’s excellent speed record

It is a shortcoming to say that the previous week SSC was a tumultuous and stressful time for North America. It would have been nice – if only SSC Dwara’s Top Speed ​​Run The video (see below) was clean and spotless.

Once that was done, Shami and other personalities in the video questioned its validity. SSC issued a statement Allegations of contradictions It further states that video editing is the problem. They corrected the mistake and promised to come back with an appropriate response.

We now have an answer that came straight from the founder SSC North America, Jerod Shelby. In the video uploaded by the company (embedded at the top of this page), Shelby released a personal statement, recalling what changes followed the controversy.

Accordingly, Shelby announced that they were running again SSC DuvattaraTry high-speed recording.

“While I was sitting there thinking there was no way to do this right now. It hit me. We have to run the record again. We have to do this again, undeniably and undeniably so the next time we do this, we’re ready to do this in the future. We have, we want to make sure that we have many GPS companies, equipment in the car. I want to make sure we have their staff looking over our shoulders and analyzing every flow and every detail, ”he said in the video.

In addition, Shelby has extended a special call to Shelby and other comrades who have raised questions about the validity of the record-breaking run.

“I want you to look at our shoulder and check so that you and the world and the car community can know what this car is capable of,” he said.

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Details of Tudora’s high-speed record revision have not yet been announced by SSC, in response to a special call. We look forward to hearing from SSC again in the next few days, making sure to stay on top of it as we always do.

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