Bryson DiCambo makes his own way to the US Open title | US Open Golf 2020

Promising, whining, and gnashing of teeth that the end of this US Open will be more of an entertainment feature than the final stages of the 120th edition. Bryson DiCambo is a big winner. He has many US Open Titles like Tom Watson and Gary Blair, which is one more than Chevroletor and Nick Falto. The professor is not so cruel after all. In fact, he may have changed golf form within four rounds of competition.

History will show that in the fourth round of the generally brutal US Open, DiCambo banged on the wing foot. His 67 and six-under total ensured a half-dozen stroke victory over Matthew Wolf. The 27-year-old DiCambo was the only player to equal the fourth day on the 61-year-old field.

After Jack Nicholas and Tiger Woods, DiCambo is the third American amateur to win an American college individual title and a US Open winner. “It’s an honor,” he said. “I do not know what else to say. This is a lot of hard work. Being in that company is special. I will always appreciate it. ”

The background is one of horrible sniping. With 20 lp worth of muscle – Decambo has not apologized in any way – he is thus handing himself the ability to win courses. Conservatives oppose it, and the debate is irrelevant until he makes this progress.

The Californian can now move towards results with a carefree summary. He won in Detroit in July and finished fourth at the U.S. PGA Championships, thus advancing far beyond a clear average big record before the glory of Winged Food. This is not golf by James Brad or Harry Warden; As if Leo Messi could not be compared to Frank Puskas. In the case of DeChambeau, pounds muscle means gifts. His endorsement of tradition begins with a flat hat worn by Ben Hogan.

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DeChambeau probably talks too much in the curriculum. He has done so professionally from regulatory officers, and especially in a humiliating episode, to a cameraman. The pace of his game has been criticized as slow before and exactly painful. There is a player here though, so every iron in the left-field – labeled, unnumbered – must be the same length in his bag, he breaks the axes. He has now successfully transformed elite golf into a science.

Officials should discuss whether to withdraw the technology so that someone in the position of DiCambo cannot launch drivers on different postcodes. But for now golf has a person whose search for completeness is engaging and valid. It must be accepted rather than disgusting. Even before he went parallel to the 72nd hole a lot of the media demonized him and, with hilarity, referred only to the best individuals who won the big championship. In short, cloud-crane-land material.

In the most nerve-wracking round of his career, DiCombo was a golf role model. Power matched accuracy. He deserves more praise for that.

Wolf will inevitably have bundles of chances to follow DiCambo, but for the 21-year-old it proved to be an injury day. He took a two-shot lead and started the fourth round. Plus playing his first eight holes in the third gave him problems, and on the 9th the eagle was slightly offset. His rival, however, was three years old after 11, when Wolf made a bogey in 10th and dropped another shot in 14th. Going into the 15th Dewey, DiCambo’s advantage is four.

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It soon becomes six as Wolf surrenders further to the final extension. His dream of becoming the first player to win a US Open debut since 1913 was shattered. He signed for the 75th fourth round. Louis Ostuysen took third in two overs, one was clear in Harris English.

The return to the US Open category was clear from the start. On the 1st the English lost a ball. Rory McIlroy Four places for the same hole, 85 feet from first walk, 63 feet from second. The Northern Irishman scored 75, meaning his eighth over was a tie. “It’s just as good as they come and see what happened,” McIlroy said while evaluating Decombo. “He has full confidence in what he’s doing. It’s very interesting.

Patrick Reid, the main part of the championship, closed with 74 runs for the 13th part of the plus seven. Lee Westwood, who signed with 72 people, is one of the owners of the Reed Company. Justin Thomas finished better with a shot after 73, 76, 72.

“This is an incredible golf course,” Thomas said. “My favorite US Open place I’ve ever played at is for sure. I am very disappointed in how I ended the week. I beat it terribly in the second and third rounds. I scored well today. I played very good golf and hit good puddles that burned the edges. This is fair. If you play well, you can score and create birds. ”

DiCambo accepted the challenge much better than everyone else. Applause is slow in coming when it really shouldn’t be. “People think I’ve got all of these crazy theories,” he said in June. “But when you really break it down into the basic principles of what I’m trying to do, it’s a lot of common sense.” When he posed above with the US Open trophy, who were we arguing over? The pioneer has his gift.

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