How the Corona virus epidemic gave songwriter Megan Washington an opportunity to create her own music

How the Corona virus epidemic gave songwriter Megan Washington an opportunity to create her own music

After six years of creative expansion and efforts to find a truly next album, acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter Megan Washington has finally delivered Batflowers – and loneliness is just the spark she needs.

“I try so hard,” he told Mix.

The Area Award-winning artist, known by his pseudonym “Washington”, opened a new and “free-er” tone to the title track of Flowerflowers earlier this year.

“I was with the songwriting in this new vibe and it felt so much fun, stupid and playful,” he said.

“I really wanted to keep going to that place. Covit didn’t leave because.”

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The events of 2020 inspired Washington. He wants artists to use their craft to help others.

“Despite the fact that the world is scary, there is almost a greater motivation for artists because it is really our job,” he said.

“You know, our work is‘ not reality ’.

An evolutionary years in production

Washington’s six-year album has allowed his time to create a complete and satisfying creative process, combining skills such as break, music production, recording and engineering.

“I would write the song and sing the song and pick what I was wearing,” he said.

“There’s a lot about being an artist, and for some reason I thought I wasn’t allowed to do that.

This period of pushing the boundaries of his art led to a series of other projects.

He continued to voice the character of Clypso on the popular children’s show Blue, co-produced the recently released podcast Crossfried (a musical parody of a Christian rap duo) and composed music for director Warrick Thornton’s documentary The Beach.

He even had a dream of appearing in Washington Place School, which he described as his “dream work environment.”

“It’s so quiet, it’s so quiet, you sing your song, everything is beautiful, there are toys everywhere.”

“It’s really heaven – I honestly think working on that show will do wonders for your mental health.”

Move over to Sour: McKinsey Iso Animations

When isolated, he added another creative layer to his Washington toolkit – opening up the repressed interior visual artist, through a children’s animation app downloaded to his phone.

Washington Govt taught how to enliven time in Lockdown; Creating Graphics and Clips for the Boiling Badflowers Album.

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“I’ve always drawn, but I never thought I was a professional because I ‘m friends with a lot of Australian painters, I do not paint like them – I thought I was not biased,” he revealed.

“I did that music video [Dark Hearts], By the time I finished it, I knew how to animate! Now I do it. ”

New Year, New Washington

A decade after the music scene first erupted, Washington said its early pop star self was now “dust and memories”.

“It’s hard to even imagine what kind of place I was in because I’m not even the same person I was last year. Is there anyone?” She asks.

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“I always thought I should be luxurious or act in a certain way, because when you’re right, you know you are a professional.”

However, he says he knows that professionalism and creativity are not good friends.

“Because if you’re really creative, you don’t know what you’re doing, do you?”

In stark contrast to the “intricate artist stereotype,” Washington said for the first time in his life, fun is the front and center of his craft.

“They tell you that to be a good artist, you have to suffer and be tortured. So everyone does it because you think that’s what justifies you. I did it. I think we all do it.

For now, she has a simple goal: keep up the music.

“I think people really need art.”

“My job is the best job. So, I want to get the job you know, and do the funniest, funniest, beautiful, silly things.”

The mix airs weekly on the ABC and News Channel – or catch up ABC IV.

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