The toy was unveiled as Simon Price

The toy was unveiled as Simon Price

He was one of the most hotly debated contestants of all season – but The Muscat Singer’s mysterious puppet finally emerged.

September 7, 2020 8:45 pm

Last updated September 7, 2020 8:39 PM AEST

There are only four contestants in The Mascot Singer – by the time we enter the final week, have you got a good idea of ​​who most of them are?

First, the most obvious contestant: as most viewers chose before the first episode aired, Queen 100% Kate Miller-Heidke. That voice is vague. Most viewers agree that Firlneck is the musical star Eddie Perfect, while after a mysterious start to the competition, Bushranger promises to be in the minds of most people as actress and singer Bonnie Anderson. Soft Grooner Puppet – It’s supposed to be Red Wickle Simon Price, right?

Well, it was. Check out our live blog below for all the action from tonight’s episode – including the unveiling of Price and the removal from the competition. It ranks the Queen, Bushranger and Frillneck in the top three this year.


Nick Bond

Simon Price! As predicted by many (including) Repeat me in episode one), Puppet Red Hiccup itself.

Danny was the only judge who correctly guessed Simon.

“I had a great time – it was incredible,” Simon said. “But these are a little tricky with a few more words than the Wickels songs.”

Nick Bond

Tonight Traces: “The white voice was very good to me. Where is my king? Maybe there was a legal separation. But marriage was something special. Even if it wasn’t forever. I was accused of not having any seriousness. I rule the whole country honestly. I like the metropolitan area. Although, I’m the queen .I’m an independent, a master of everything I count. “

Kate Miller-Heidke presents a beautiful presentation of Robin’s modern classic Dancing on My Own. That ‘white sound’ clue – a red herring that makes some people think of Missy Higgins? If so it doesn’t work – the Queen ends up with a sky-high opera solo that will make Kate look back on Eurovision.

After that incredible performance of one of the country’s most distinctive voices, Jackie O’Connor firmly believes that this is Lisa from Veronica. Kirrrl. Luckily Danny throws in the guesswork for KMH.

Nick Bond

Traces: “I’m been beautiful since I was born, you might think it’s a big head, but this is the way my parents saw me. But I’m also taught myself from a young age how to take tapping and come back strong. With a tin lid like this. I’m a country girl at heart, in the meadows and barns of the house. “

Barnes, Tin Eyelids – Many have suggested that this is Bonnie Anderson, but could it be former Tin Litz member Mahalia Barnes? Whoever she is, she’s got a fantastic voice, Haryana-ing Haryana Grande One Last Time of Her Last Success.

Danny Minogue guesses Jess Mob – the most popular guess on social media since the week. Jackie O torn between Mob Boy and Bonnie Anderson.

Nick Bond

Tonight Traces: “… I’m known to put the audience in a cycle (Eddie Perfect Shane Warne wrote the musician).

No one really knows what is going on inside my head. Sometimes I don’t know what’s going on there. Do I have ARIA in my future?

I think those opportunities are sinking. ARIA days may be behind me. Sometimes you have to get out, sometimes you have to play it safe. In fact I never played it safe. “

Frillneck sings Crowded House Classic Don’t Dream It’s Over and sings it (AD) perfectly.

Viewers are convinced by this point:

The judges finally seem to have joined in on the points, with Jackie O leading the charge in insisting that it was Eddie Perfect.


Nick Bond

Tips for tonight’s puppetry: “My early life was in the shadows, less so. Then, all eyes were on me all over the world.

Now I have a new site for my work. I am not ashamed. I can’t be. But at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. I have made some big moves in my life and there are big moves to come. I was the puppet of the night, but things have changed and now I am singing in a rainbow. “

Puppet Crooks Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca – and Close Believers believe he is Simon from Wiki:

The judges are still punching frantically in the dark. Ursilla Carlson believed it was Tom Kleisner, which இது

But wait! The name that Danny finally guessed the audience has been screaming for weeks now – Red Wickle, Simon Price. I think you might be in something, Danny.

Nick Bond

According to Denin’s TV lists, what can we expect tonight: “Bushranger attacks Ariana Grande, Puppet sings a Ricky Martin favorite, and Firilnek sings an adorable crowd song.” Okay, but what about Kate Miller-hey- i.e. ‘queen’?

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