Marilyn Monroe’s skincare routine revealed in official document

Marilyn Monroe's skincare routine revealed in official document

Marilyn Monroe’s star power has continued in the decades since her death, and so have some of the beauty products in her personalized regimen.

As part of the artifacts displayed in the “Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America” ​​exhibit, the Makeup museum It has revealed the actress’ prescription skincare routine, and two of her products are still on the market all these years later.

In a document dated March 17, 1959 and addressed to Mrs. Marilyn Monroe Miller (she was married to playwright Arthur Miller at the time), dermatologist Erno Laszlo of the beauty company of the same name wrote detailed instructions for care of the skin for each step of the day.

Marilyn Monroe's Erno Lazlo Cleaning Bar is still available today
Marilyn Monroe $ 38 Erno Laszlo Phelityl Cleaning Bar It is still available today.

In the morning, Monroe should wash her face and neck in warm water with Phelityl active soap before applying “well-shaken” Shake-It Normalizer to her face, avoiding the area around the eyes, before immediately drying herself. Beneath her eyes, she was to apply Phelitone “in small spots, gently spreading it on the surface” and then drying it as well. For the final step, he was told to apply Duo-Phase Face Powder to his entire face and neck, and then brush it with cotton after one minute.

In the evenings, she had to repeat the morning routine, and then “before retiring,” a separate routine was presented. The “formal occasions” also deserved their own unique regime.

“She customized each recipe for all of her clients, and Marilyn Monroe was drier, so you can see as we go through the recipe that all of the products were to help hydrate her skin,” says Patricia Schuffenhauer, head of Erno Laszlo. historian and brand officer in a video published by the West Village museum.

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Erno Laszlo's Marilyn Monroe Shake-It Treatment is still available today.
This $ 49 Shake-It Stain Treatment Erno Laszlo’s is the same formula Marilyn Monroe used.

More than 61 years after Laszlo prescribed the products for Monroe, the Shake-It Tinted Treatment and the Phelityl Cleaning Bar They are still available for purchase today.

The regimen also includes dietary instructions, namely, not to eat any kind of nuts, chocolate, olives, oysters, or clams.

In addition to his recipe, Monroe reportedly also treated his skin with tons of petroleum jelly and long baths.

“Marilyn Monroe had the brightest skin I had ever seen,” Oscar-nominated Grand Lady Renée Taylor said in november. “She came into class with Lee Strasberg one day, and I just had to ask her what she did. Marilyn told me: ‘I rub my entire body with petroleum jelly and then I bathe for three hours every morning. It gives my skin a shiny glow. “So I tried. I almost drowned.

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