When Pierre Cardin called himself “the future”

French courtier Pierre Cordin died on Tuesday, December 29, at the age of 98. He went missing, especially paying tribute on social networks. As some internet users have pointed out, Pierre Cardin is so famous that he was able to manage even a certain eclipse of his name in cinema … Calvin Klein.

Questionably, in a passage from Saga’s first film, “Back to the Future”, released in 1985.

In fact, Michael J. on screen. Marty McPhee, the hero played by Fox, calls his fianc தாய்e, Calvin Klein, whose name is written on his underwear, when he communicates on the phone in the past.

But in France, Calvin Klein’s name is not widely known, which is why Michael J. Fox will be renamed Pierre Cardin for the French public.

According to the special site Allociné.fr, In addition to Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein will be adapted for various international editions to suit audiences around the world.

In France, Pierre Guardian was a famous sculptor. The son of an Italian immigrant who turned out to be a talented businessman, he died Tuesday morning, December 29, at an American hospital in Newelli, west of Paris.

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