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Anna Holbrin’s last breath

Anna Holbrin's last breath

Anna Holbrin announced on Facebook that her daughter Daria had died a few hours earlier. His virtue is already very low in dance.

“Life Movement”

Born in Illinois in 1920, he escaped from a Jewish family just in time for the massacre in Russia. Also, the public is aware of Anna Holbrin’s guru aspect because she has created a “planetary dance” that is a contemporary dance ritual for healing and regenerating communities of people. Every year, dancers, amateurs and professionals from all over the world dance together. The attractive thing here is not the Baba Cool aspect of this project, but the concept of the art therapy he created, that will keep her alive. The dance allowed her to overcome her cancer in 1972 and 1975, and later spread this hope to AIDS patients.


He was a student of Isadora Dugan, who taught at Mers Kannikam. She has thought about her works “on stage” all her life, and this open-air dance studio, created by her husband, landscape architect Lawrence Holbrin, who is now sadly dead, was built for her in the center of the California garden. Older people like Trisha Brown are trampling in the woods. She was the one who handed it over Alain Buffert in dance, by accepting him for overcoming illness and body and mind.

The works of Anna Holbrin have had a great impact on the choreographers of the generation. In the heart of the 1960s he met John Graham and A.A. Co-starred with Leith, for example, on the big webs, very spectacular. It will be offered in 1965, Marches and transitions Standard dancers today dress in the gestures of Alain Platt. He also works on the embedding of bodies found in Boris Charmatz or Oliver Dubois.

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In 2010, Rudy Gerber dedicated a documentary to him, The breath of dance, Which is easy to find in VOD. We can only advise you to watch this film about the forerunner of modern and post-modern American dance.

Display: Poster of Anna Holbrin documentary, The breath of dance

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