Raven's Home (Disney+) la saison 5 pourrait bel et bien être annulée !

Ravens Home (Disney +): Cancel Season 5!

Season 5 compromise of Raven’s house. Some sources suggest that the series may be canceled on Disney +.

Of Season 5 Raven’s house is pending. In fact, some sources suggest that Daylight will never be seen on Disney + next season. MCE TV tells you more.

Raven’s Home Season 5 Daylight may be missing

Raven-Simon announced on Instagram, so she can’t come back Season 5 of the Ravens Home series. You read that right.

In fact, the young woman expressed optimism Season 5 unregistered social networks. After shooting delays due to Kovit-19, the series aired with much delay.

The young woman told the TV channel So that season 5 is uncertain. For now, Disney + has not announced this on social media.

However, on Twitter and Instagram, Sitcom fans Many have asked the question. For now, the producers have not decided yet.

Raven told the TV station she would be there “Joy and Respect” to play in the 5th season. The actress asked the opinion of the fans.

The latter are unanimous: they are “season to season”. Season 4 It was recently aired on Disney +, Contains 19 chapters.

They always want more. Except, So many internet users are starting to file petitions To see daylight for a season 5.

Ravens Home (Disney +) Season 5 may be canceled
Ravens Home (Disney +) Season 5 may be canceled

Raven wants to air Season 5 of his home

Raven told ET : “I can not tell you where the continuation of Raven’s house is because I do not know myself.” Reports that worried fans of the series on Disney +.

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That’s not all. “I hope people watching the series can tell me what they want for the future.”, He wrote on Twitter.

Add more: “We are here to entertain you. Do I like my partners on screen? Yes. I want to work with them as much as possible.” He added.

The American actress expressed optimism That she was not the only one making the decision. “It simply came to our notice then. It is the responsibility of the Disney Channel to tell us whether or not there will be a fifth season for this series. So we have to wait. “, He added.

Raven-Simon urged fans From Raven’s house to “making noise” So a season 5 Broadcast on Disney +. “Do all you can to do this”, He concluded on Twitter.

It was created by the audience only in the early 2000s That’s very much the knowledge of the Raven series. The latter was a hit on the Disney Channel.

Named the success of the series, which aired from 2003 to 2007 Twice at the Emmy Awards, That’s it. At the end of the series, fans protested a sequel.

The Ravens Home series first aired in 2017. This series tells the story of Raven, Ten years after the series ended.

The success of the Ravens Home audience

Ravens and Chelsea have moved into a big house in Chicago, at the Ravens home. Raven is therefore the mother of brothers and sisters, Nia and Booker. Chelsea is the mother of a boy named Levy.

The series, which already covers four seasons, is still a success. So it is The reason for the fans to protest Find out if a season 5 sees daylight. Yes

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Everyone hopes the series will return to Season 5. Was on the Instagram account Shared numerous photos from the cast Completing a scene.

“Raven’s home season 4 is officially over. It is in the box. “, Wrote the Instagram account. Before adding: “What do you want next? You can see all the seasons in full at Disney +.

As of now, there are no executive producers of Disney + or the series So, we decided to find out, Season 5 sees daylight. To be continued, so …

As a reminder, in the last episode of Season 4, Two twins, Nia and Booker So get their driving license. Raven didn’t want to help them drive.

So the father of the twins will hopefully return to town to help drive the vehicle. For his part, Tess is not in the last episode. Chelsea, meanwhile, will help prepare son Levy His first trip to London alone. We see him taking the plane to see his father.