I am a selfie and mocks Holly Arnold of McBartlin for introducing himself as MBE

I am a selfie and mocks Holly Arnold of McBartlin for introducing himself as MBE

I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! As the ITV show returned to our screens, host Ant McBartlin wasted no time.

The ant joked about the time when they were usually 12 hours earlier than England, as the show relocated to Castle, near Abercale in North Wales, following Govt controls stopping them from traveling to their usual place in the Australian jungle. He airs with co-host Declan Donnelly.

The ant used this moment to quickly dig into Parasport athlete Holly Arnold, after introducing himself as “MBE” to others in the camp.

The 26-year-old gold medalist spoke to his fellow campers on a walkie-talkie and hurried to note that he had been honored by the Queen.

Holly Arnold teases Ant and December after introducing herself as an MBE on Walkie Talkie

When it was ants in the castle and slashed until December, the Giordi twins thought it was time for a “quick time test”, which confirmed that it was 9.33pm in Wales, and it was all over England.

When the crew laughed, December replied: “Thanks for that ant.”

The ant jokingly returned: “This is actually Ant McBartlin’s OBE.”

It was enough to take viewers to Twitter to share their laughter at the hilarious moment, when one confirmed this: “If you don’t trust anyone for sure, Holy Arnold really has an MBE”.

Another tweeted: “My whole family was throwing p *** out at Holly Arnold talking about her MBE.”

One-third wrote: “‘This is really Ant McBartlin, OPE’ They already have Holly Arnold, MBE.

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Since the show is coming from the UK for the first time and there are no five-star hotels in Australia to fund celebrities and their families, visitors have not lost sight of the fact that more helicopters are on hand to take campers to their makeshift home. .

The ant made a time-tested joke before making fun of Holly Arnold

Unfortunately for me as a selfie boss, this was not something that impressed the audience much as five separate helicopters were shot down during Sunday’s launch event.

Although it was customary for celebrities to come in groups of three, this time they were given one sap each.

Audiences argued that this was not the most eco-friendly decision the producers could have made.

Holy Arnold MBE quickly mentions his honor – this is something to be proud of above all else

Angry fans took to Twitter to share their outrage that the move was “meaningless”.

One person tweeted: “I’m a celebrity who really does it for the environment with private helicopters ….”

Another wrote: “Why do they all come in separate helicopters? # The joy of killing the environment is so much happier.”

A third tweeted: “ITV is committed to showing real concern for the environment when it comes to private helicopters landing 10 people in Wales.

* I will continue tomorrow as a celebrity on ITV 9 p.m. .

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