Helene Sekara on Carter Belt and Corset, the singer panicked by her role in the movie

Hélène Ségara en porte-jarretelles et guêpière, la chanteuse paniquée par ce rôle au cinéma

Helene is known for her enormous career as a singer செகர He recently admitted that he has received constant calls to join the cast of several film productions. Currently in the package 6 at home With Patrick Cruel And Sylvie Warden, reveals that the artist one day turned down a role, finally being described as a great American actress. During this interview, the French translator explains the reasons for his choice. Because she is not very comfortable with the idea of ​​appearing almost without clothes. Objection Come back for yourself in this amazing story.

Helen செகர : Not thrilled at the idea that even for a big budget American film so much must be invented

A precious opportunity

During this interview, Helen செகர France 2 is invited to discuss a number of lessons in the set. Her interview asks her if the cinema has already appealed to her. Without hesitation, the famous translatorEsmeralda Quickly responds: “Yes many times, I have even refused tests for Moulin Rouge.”. In fact, American film crews were interested in his profile. At that point, Helen had to remember செகர The hit really hit the Parisian scene in the musical Notre Dame in Paris. It became one of the most popular young women in France that year.

After many failed searches, Luke Plumton And Richard Cochlear, The two initiators of this project had actually set their sights on Helen செகர To illustrate the characterEsmeralda. For months to come, the show will be a real hit, shining a light on all the people on stage. Impressed by his talent, but also by his popularity, producers Red Mill So propose to Helen செகர Join the cast. However, this collaboration will never happen. Objection Explains why.

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A character created for her

When he is on stage every day with Garov and Patrick Flowers, Helen செகர So it is approached by Hollywood giants. The producer had come to see Notre Dame in Paris He was looking for a French satin. According to Moulin Rouge, he wanted a French woman. When he saw Esmeralda, he thought to himself: ‘Why not! She dances, she sings! It Play it Comedy ‘. However, while this proposal may seem appealing and more than flattering, Helen செகர Can’t go to tests.

Because really, a sequence of the film already scares him. In fact, the situation Red Mill, The female star should appear more than light makeup. Even for the little test she should have done, Helen செகர Should have been shown almost without cloth. She was utterly frightened and panicked at the thought of having to show this, and in the end never followed this plan. “I do not know This’ you I’m going to lose all my ways, I’m not going ‘. Therefore Boss LThe guard Never saw me ”. A real missed event, it was actually a carefully considered choice.

A popular alternative

But if Helen செகர She turned down the role, which will eventually be given to another actress. In fact Nicole Kidman would explain Satin Red Mill. Also, her performance is notable since she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. For its part, the film will be a huge success and in many cases even rewarded. Despite this obvious possibility, the French singer did not Seems Do not be bitter or sorry for refusing this opportunity. On the contrary, he says he is very happy with his career, which has always given him a lot of satisfaction.

Also, the next few weeks may prove to be good for Helen. செகர. On June 11, titled his new album Karma He is already looking forward to showing off to his fans. We can already imagine that there will be success. In fact, Helen செகர You can count on a very large and above all a very loyal audience. In short, even though the idea of ​​a career in cinema had crossed her mind for a while, her life in song was enough to make her happy and, above all, very proud. Often considered One of the most beautiful Voice of the French music scene, Helen செகர So there is nothing to regret. Also, too Mega Products American cinematographer films do not succeed in deviating from the path it has mapped to itself.

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