Cinema agenda for the week of January 20th

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Cinema agenda for the week of January 20th

The most selected project for this week’s cinema diary that brings the best personalities of French and foreign cinema.

Jean-Pierre Bakri continues to make his cinema

Cinema immortalizes him: Jean-Pierre Buckery left us on January 18, but his pictures remain the same. An acclaimed actor and acclaimed screenwriter, his film has been featured on many video-on-demand sites. So you can see Kitchen and output And Insect ball On Amazon Prime Video; The platform offers rent or purchase Didier, The object of the party, Family photo, Right now, Now And Mr. Sim’s very personal life. Similarly, the Salto Table allows you to (re) view the best classics: A family reunion, The taste of others And Like a movie. Finally, A maid Arte 22 will be Friday night at 8:55 p.m.

With American-Indian cinema White tiger On Netflix

Available from January 22, this dramatic comedy tells the story of a young man named Balram Hawaii whose ambition is to allow himself to be freed from his miserable condition. Becoming a driver for a wealthy American couple, Balram does everything he can to make himself inevitable for his new masters. Until they betray him; Balram then started a real struggle against the class system. Inspired by the best-seller named Arvind Adiga, the film was adapted by American director Ramin Bahrani and has already proved itself. 99 Homes And Goodbye Solo.

The long-awaited sequel to Ten percent

Finally Season 4 Ten percent Available on Netflix from tomorrow! This season, the team has knocked out all the stops as one of the famous Chicorny Weaver guests. The recipe still works: Ten percent It emerges as a series that easily hides deep discussions that shake our community. Real success since its release, Ten percent He won the race to complete the adventure without leaving the steam.

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The best Tim Burton to catch Salto’s attention

Beginning January 22, three masterpieces of the Fantastic Master will be available on Salto: Big fish, Beetlejus And Funeral rites. Combined with aesthetic talent and a pandemic story, these three films allow us to explore Tim Burton’s universe through different forms. From animated cinema to horror comedy to fantasy drama, Salto offers the best selection of directorial cinematic strength.

Visual Credits: © An Air D Family Poster, Cedric Klabich

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