Reidmans pays tribute to cultural diversity with its new campaign “Diversity Canada’s Thread”

Campaign “Diversity is fiber Canada Underlines the core values ​​of Reidmans: Addition, Diversity and Reliability. While diversity is at the forefront of many conversations across the country, many are wondering what more needs to be done to see more progress. In this context, Reidmans shares his voice and takes decisive action. “Through our second campaign on diversity, we wanted to unite and highlight the collective history of our beautiful country. We need to create a work environment. ” Jackie Dordiff, President of the Reidmans brand and an executive supporter of the diversity and inclusion of Reidmans (Canada) Are limited.

One of the chosen personalities Mariana Massa, Quebec comedian and actress of Uruguayan and Lebanese descent, Senegal and Quebec rapper சரமி, African-American and Canadian athlete Angela James, Writer and poet from the still community of Besamit Natasha Sofa Fontaine, Author and designer of Canadian and Indian fashion Sandy Kaur Kill, Chile and Quebec Animator, Editor, Producer, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Alexandra Diaz The first major dancer of Chinese descent in the history of national ballet Canada, San Han Co.. Each ambassador took part in creating a central theme, reproduced on a T-shirt and scarf, indicating their style and their cultural affiliation. The unifying toad bag was also developed as part of this effort. These products will be available in stores and online at stores from May 21 at prices of 29.90, $ 19.90 and $ 34.90. For every product sold, Reidmans agrees to donate $ 2 for 7 reasons selected by the ambassadors, up to a maximum of $ 10,000 for each. Seven organizations selected by the ambassadors: La Ru des Fems, the Center de Encounter Jeans Fims Immigrants (CJFI), Canadian Women’s Foundation, Vasco da Gama Fund, Seva Food Bank, Smilezone Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.

The launch of the campaign is supported by a 360⁰ marketing strategy across multiple channels, including store visuals, digital multiplication campaigns and multicultural television, radio and digital ads translated into Punjabi, Cantonese and Mandarin, social networking extensions (Dictoc, InstagramVe, Facebook, # For organic content that unites the community.

As part of the Pan-Canadian competition, Reidmans will offer 10 newcomers a wardrobe worth job 1,000 that they can use for job interviews, their Canadian citizenship ceremony, holidays or special occasions. Winners will be determined from a short essay (150 words) in which they will be invited to express what they have created. Canada A great place to live.

Thanks to the extraordinary group of people for this campaign. These include Merriam Jupur The Canadian-Tunisian director, who lives in Montreal, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Short Film and has been nominated several times for Best Canadian Short Film at the International Film Festival. Toronto 2018 [TIFF]). Not to forget the electro maker, DJ and multi-instrumentalist உரி Composer.

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About Readmans (Canada) Are limited
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SOURCE Reitmans (Canada) Are limited

For more information: For all press inquiries, please contact: Quebec: Pascal Marquis, EGS Team, [email protected], 514 707-1647; Restay to Canada: Howard Litchman, Ethnic Affairs, [email protected], 416 402-4948

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