Discovered in theaters back to the Sinaladino Festival in Toulouse and Oxidani

Discovered in theaters back to the Sinaladino Festival in Toulouse and Oxidani

The second session of the Sinaladino Festival will return face-to-face in theaters from June 9 to 13. About thirty films will be shown in the partner cinemas in Toulouse, Occitani and Novel Aquitaine.

Beginning June 9, the 33rd edition of the Sinaladino Cultural Event will feature major Latin American films to the delight of fans.

The festival, which was marked again this year by a health crisis, had to prevent misfortune by presenting films on the online stage last spring. Despite the context, 2021 was a success from March 19 to 28, with this particular edition attended by 40,000 participants, including 20,000 viewers.

For the second phase of the festival, which will take place in June, the public will find out its scores in person at this time.

Good news for the organizers and the audience

The tables will not be final until next week, but the programming promises to be rich.

About thirty films will be shown on giant screens, including films presented in March at the festival’s partner cinemas. If the health condition allows on this date, the path in the rooms should be increased to 65%. This is good news for organizers and small cinemas that can accommodate small audiences.

In the courtyard of the movie library, the public can find information about the show, but also the lovely places for the festival. Catering areas, bars and tapas with Spanish accents will be set up in accordance with the health protocol.

Some guests will attend, and the directors will come to the presentation with their films and undergo confirmation.

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The films, released in March, will make the first French release in Toulouse.

Tribute to two personalities of South American cinema: Alfredo Castro, the favorite actor of Brazilian documentary filmmaker Maria Augusta Ramos and Pablo LaRone, actor and one of the pillars of Chilean cinema and drama. His credit with 6 films and he is currently considered “El Maestro” by Latin American critics. Find it I am afraid of bullfighting, Film by Rodrigo Sepalveda. The screenplay is adapted from the novel by Pointe Lமmebel “La Loca del Frende, a transvestite of the fall and his humorous friends having fun at colorful banquets in Chile in the 1980s, against the backdrop of a military dictatorship and earthquake-ravaged neighborhoods.

The New Savages: The classic of Argentine comedy.

Among others: White on white Chile director and screenwriter Theo Court.

The Australian Franர்ois-Colombian film Vers la Patel

Latin American innovations and covers in partner theaters: Cinematec de Toulouse, ABC Cinema, Greater and Instituto Cervantes, as well as theaters in the Occitani and New Aquitaine regions.

In the region

17 movies will be previewed and released nationally, along with other screenings:

  • Some beasts by George Rickelm Serrano – Roulette
  • Paragova by Pablo Bryans – Argentina, Suez
  • Funa Vista Community Club by Wim Venders – Cuba, USA (reprint)
  • El Silencio del Rio by Francesca Canaba – Peru (short film)
  • Sister of Louisiana Maceto and Vinicius Lopez – Bruce
  • My name is Baghdad – Car Alves de Zosa – Brazil
  • Maya Da-Rin Fever – Brazil, France, Germany
  • Jean-Pierre Tourette and Andrea Santana – Les Vox to the Flu – France, Brazil
  • Wolves of Samuel Kishi Lyopo – Mexico
  • We forget that we will be by Colombia’s Fernando Tropa
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Find all programming Here At the Sinaldino site.

Appointed in Dark Rooms from June 9, 2021!

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