What will happen from May 15?

Implementing a new privacy policy for an application is subject to much testing and error. Five months after the initial announcement of new terms for sharing WhatsApp data with its parent company, Facebook has again postponed the harsh use of the update.

Announced in early January with a deadline of February 8, the reform was postponed for several months to May 15. Five days after the deadline, Facebook allowed itself to go back and finally choose to use its new rules gradually.

Unlike the calendar currently in force, Facebook will not cut off access to some WhatsApp features on May 15 If its users refuse the new terms. They can continue to use the app for a few weeks to see if the experience gets worse.

“In recent weeks, we’ve posted a notice on WhatsApp to give you more information about the update. We have given everyone the opportunity to review this information. However, we do not have the opportunity yet. “, Mark WhatsApp.

Once this period has elapsed, it is not clear whether the US company will voluntarily disconnect the new policy and gradually disconnect it from its core functions until it becomes unusable.

What will happen from May 15

In short, if you reject the May 15 update, this is what should happen:

– In one For the first time, For a few weeks, you can Continue to use WhatsApp like today From time to time you will see a notification asking you to check the new terms and conditions every time the application is opened.

– In one Second, After these few weeks, the Announcements Will change again and again. This is no longer accessible List of Conversations. Can still respond to a message or incoming audio or video call.

– In one The third time, After a few weeks of limited operation, these services will no longer be accessible. WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls On your phone it will become an empty shell.

WhatsApp will gradually reduce its experience to users who deny its conditions
WhatsApp will gradually reduce its experience to users who deny its conditions
Credit: Facebook

However, Facebook reminds users that they have the option to export their conversations to their app settings. They can decide at any time to check the new terms and conditions to find all the functionality of the service.

What are the new conditions changing?

As a reminder, these new rules should allow Facebook Monetize WhatsApp Better. Until now, WhatsApp has the potential to decide whether or not to send the data collected through the app to its 2 billion users to Facebook and its various companies. This site now mandates this partition to allow companies that use WhatsApp business accounts to easily interact with their customers.

Profile information such as data related to this process, last name, first name and phone number, IP address and data related to transactions made via message. But as Facebook rightly points out, end-to-end encrypted conversations are not call history or their location: “updates do not affect the confidentiality of messages”.

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