Possible charge | The Trump organization is hiring new lawyers


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Attorney Alan Futurfass said the Trump organization, which heads the Trump Tower in Manhattan, has appointed Ronald Pichetty. Mr. Pishetti “brings extraordinary experience, deep knowledge and invaluable wisdom,” he added. The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Pishetti, 84, worked for many years, especially with Manhattan District Attorney Mark Lawrence, chairman of the commission of inquiry into the Trump case.

No one knows if the trial, which took place behind closed doors in front of a large arbitral tribunal, will lead to an indictment against the former US president, the first time in US history.

But after receiving eight years of tax revenue and other financial documents from Donald Trump in late February – up to the US Supreme Court after the 18-month war – the lawyer seems to be working hard.

According to several American media outlets, his teams are currently seeking the 73-year-old collaboration of Alan Weiselberg, the CFO of the Trump organization.

To collaborate with these believers among former New York real estate mogul believers, investigators are investigating the transactions of his son, Trump organization employee Barry Weiselberg: his ex-wife was photographed Thursday Washington Post They took away boxes of financial documents that demanded to be investigated.

Vance, an elected Democrat lawyer, is due to step down at the end of December, initially investigating the amount paid to two alleged Trump mistresses before the 2016 presidential election. But his investigation has expanded to allegations of tax evasion, insurance fraud or bank fraud.

If Donald Trump is convicted of tax or bank fraud in New York, he will face imprisonment if convicted. But prosecutors expect he will fight tooth and nail, and hope the legal battle will last for years.

The former Republican president, who lives in Florida, made a very sensible visit to New York in early March. His eldest daughter Ivanka also moved to Florida, and her eldest son Donald Jr. bought a property there at the end of March, the report said. Palm Beach Post.

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