5 tests that modern wireless headphones must withstand

5 tests that modern wireless headphones must withstand

For those who want to find the most active headphones in the summer, we share 5 tests that your future headphones should simply pass.

The challenge of a stressful day

Everyday life in the summer is mostly like this – being on foot, traveling, sea and home all day – no more than 5 percent. In days. Naturally, we want to enjoy the hottest time of the year without interruption, but it sometimes depends not only on us, but also on the battery of our smart devices. After all, even the hottest summer day can be ruined if our phone or headphones are half running. On the other hand, today’s modern smartphones can withstand a whole day after a single charge, and what about headphones? Capturing phones on the latest models – for example, the new Huawei headphones Freebuds 4i can last up to 10 hours when fully charged. So they will be enough for the whole day and late at night.

Photo of manufacturer of Hawaii Headphones Freebuds 4i /

Photo of manufacturer of Hawaii Headphones Freebuds 4i /

10 minute test

One of the most common concerns, especially in the summer when we run fast outside, is the 10 minute test. Its essence is simple – charging only 10 minutes will charge any percentage of our smart device because we don’t have much time. In the past, such testing did not make sense, as only a few percent of the equipment was charged in such a short period of time. Today, the situation is different, for example, the Huawei Freebuts 4i wireless headphones, with just 10 minutes of charging, allow you to enjoy up to 4 hours of your music. A 10-minute exchange like this for 4 hours can be very useful for those who can’t live without music or talk much on the phone with headphones, but only have a few minutes to charge them.

Sea wave and wind noise test

In the summer, there is always a challenge for everyone who loves the beach, whether it is smart phones or wireless headphones – the noise of the ocean and the coastal breeze – that can rarely be overcome. Trying to stand on the beach and listen to music or talk on the phone – the task is impossible. Good, or at least so far, because modern headphones boast an exceptional noise cancellation feature.

Freebuts 4i wireless headphones with special microphones detect ambient noise, while artificial intelligence creates an anti-noise, thus eliminating noise. So, if you are tired of fighting with the wind or, for example, the noise of the sea, leave it to your headphones. By the way, the exclusive technology of these headphone beams, combined with artificial intelligence noise reduction technology, not only ensures that you listen well to the speaker, but also sends your voice to him clearly and accurately without sea, wind or other. Ambient sounds.

Photo of manufacturer of Hawaii Headphones Freebuds 4i /

Photo of manufacturer of Hawaii Headphones Freebuds 4i /

Good sound test

One of the most important requirements for headphones is sound. Especially in nature, if you want to enjoy our favorite pieces of music while crossing the lake or exploring the new city. How do you know that the headphones you buy provide good sound and we can hear the voices and personal instruments of the artists? One way to check which technology headphones are using. For example, the Freebuts 4i features a 10mm dynamic reel drive and an important polymer composite diaphragm that allows you to hear instruments, clear voices or strong bass. Headphones also balance the sound exactly. Lastly, if you do not trust the specifications, try the headphones and ask how they sound.

Exclusive design challenge

Last but not least, exclusive design. We all have our own style and in summer, we no longer have to wear massive warm jackets and no one wants to spoil our look. On the other hand, some accessories or smart devices can subtly adorn us and match exactly with our clothing mix. The Freebuts 4i wireless headphones are designed with style in mind – their design is inspired by the wild nature of Iceland and above all the rocky shores. The Hawaii wireless headphone case is such a beautiful, sea-polished pebble that it fits in the palm of your hand. You can also change the compact, stylish and minimalist headphones with modern design to suit different combinations of your clothes. In Lithuania, you can choose headphones from porcelain white or carbon black.

What if we have more than one device from different manufacturers at home and want to connect our new headphones with it? In such cases, it is very important which manufacturer has the headset, as no wireless headphones will work with the devices from other manufacturers. For example, the Huawei FreeBuds 4i works seamlessly with any smartphone or other device, including Android and iOS.

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