Coding – Technology – Twenty years of all your site

Coding - Technology - Twenty years of all your site

The early Internet was a cyberbank Wild West, where everyone hid behind a mysterious nickname to do hacker things, looked back over his shoulder, set up a quiz, or typed HTML tags, while people were lame and having fun with each other.

In this medium, all of your base belongs to us! This is not the first memory, but in many ways it is seen as the forerunner of modern web memes.


Zero Wing is a 1989 page scrolling astronaut-shooting game by Namco of Japan. At the introduction of the game, the main evil cats appear, he announces the seizure of power and the fight begins. The scene is packed with broken Japanese-English, also known as English – not at all contemporary games, and in 1998 it appeared as an animated GIF on a player board.

In the fall of 2000, he again appeared in the forums of something bad online comedy, and there was an explosion: a group of creative people came out and started editing the same comedy into different films. Something Bad is the forerunner of Reddit and 4 Sachin, where the creative processes and meme generators that led to the creation of the image macro genre were already appearing. Pioneers.

The All Your Base event is finally the main virus carrier of the age, Flash Spread globally as animation from the New Grounds Flash Portal. All he has to do is rotate the funny images and subject the game to the caper techno of the original music.

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Someone bombed us!

The end result is primitive in today’s view, but its impact was serious, touring the press at the time, it is still part of the language and returns as a phrase to AOC or Elon Musk.

The basic internet in question, which is characterized by freedom, at which time users can upload themselves, absorbs everything on social media and monetizes every moment.

Our report is from twenty years ago Here You can read.

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