The first house in Europe with 3D technology .. You will not believe how long it took to implement!

The first house in Europe with 3D technology .. You will not believe how long it took to implement!

A Dutch couple have moved into Europe’s first 3D built home – the developers say, the new one can be built in five days.

Retired 70-year-old Elise Lutz and her 67-year-old husband Harry Deckers will move into a new home with 94 square meters of rock windows in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Although the curved lines of the gray concrete walls appear to be natural, they are actually the result of sophisticated home construction technology in the Netherlands and around the world – they were 3D printed at a nearby factory.

The pair will be renting for 60 960 a month for 6 months. According to the “Daily Mail” site, “” saw where they said it was “special and different”.

Now, the house feels different because the layers of printed concrete are clearly visible – and in some places printing problems have caused defects.

But in the future, such construction will become commonplace as the Netherlands seeks ways to address a chronic housing shortage. The country needs to build hundreds of thousands of new homes this decade to keep pace with the growing population.

Theo Salt, a professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, is also known as an additive in the field of 3D printing to find ways to make concrete construction more sustainable.

Salt believes that in the future homes can be 3D printed using less than 30% of the material.

Salt justified the reason behind the efficiency of 3D printing because it requires less concrete in its development and it can be customized in the best way without wasting anything.

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The house has 24 concrete blocks assembled, one on top of a machine-printed concrete layer, before the final touches are added – like the ceiling -. The layers add a ripple pattern on the inside and outside of its walls.

Home – As a result of collaboration between City Council, Eindhoven University of Technology and construction companies, the project is called Milestone, which conforms to all Dutch building codes and takes 120 hours to print.

The alliance plans to build five homes and develop their technology in each home. Future homes will have more than one site.

“Such homes, built faster than traditional homes and use less concrete, are growing, becoming a factor in addressing the housing shortage in a country of 17 million people,” Salt said.

In a report released this month, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency said education and innovation could stimulate the construction sector in the long run, but other measures are needed to address the Dutch housing shortage, including regional reform.

Salt believes that 3D printing will help digitalize home design and production. If you ask me, ‘Are we going to build a million houses here? The answer is no. “

But will we use this technology as part of other homes connected to log structures? Combined with other products? So my answer is yes.

The printed house offers a high degree of insulation, thanks to the interior layers of concrete walls and sound-insulated, according to the new resident deckers.

“It’s so nice because you don’t hear anything from the outside if you’re inside,” Tickers said.

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Boss Heismans, CEO of construction company Weber Penelox, said: “If we had printed all the parts at once, it would have been less than five days, because the great advantage of 3D printing in the construction process is that it does not need to be eaten, slept or rested. “

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